Two Toads

Three boys, in the fort they built in the woods  
Stocked with a radio and a few canned goods  
In the quiet little place called Beech Grove  
A pleasant community that most people love  
After telling jokes and ending up in stitches  
Decided to scare each other with tales of witches  
It was Bradon's turn and he was really on a roll  
Martin was listening closely and it was taking a toll  
Josh had a fire going and in an old pot they found  
He was stirring with a stick round and round  
“Old man Churchman used to walk these woods at night”  
“How would you know? Bradon, your not right  
He died before you were born,” Martin tried to assert  
“Shut up, it's my story. Don't interrupt, you little squirt  
Anyway, he used to curse the people from this very spot”  
Martin weighed his words and was scared by the thought  
“No he didn't. He was just an old rich man,” he yells  
“Shut up! Anyway, that's how he became rich, casting spells”  
“Wasn't he the president of some bank in Indy?”  
“Shut up. He built this really tall tower that collects people's energy  
He made people slaves and they built a road to his bank as his driveway”  
Martin listened and said with shaky certainty, “Nah, his workers got a big payday”  
“Shut up. Rumor has it he's still alive, out here, probably watching us right now.”  
Martin looked around suspiciously, “that's a stupid story,” as he looked around  
“What do you think of my story Josh?” Bradon asked, expecting him to hem and haw  
“I think I need a couple of toads to finish my potion for dear ole Great Grandpa”  
To anyone watching, they saw an old man walking hand in hand with a child  
Walking through the woods, watching the squirrels and birds in the wild  
But you and I know the truth, a made up story from my youth
Author's Note
There was an old man Churchman from the Grove, and he did build a tower which stood for many years, but I've never heard of witchcraft associated with him, except in the stories we told in the woods.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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