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Gravity's pull

I can't sleep tonight      
So I write you.        
I write to alleviate anxiety      
from the days events      
(nothing more than usual)        
and I write because      
is the voice I'm craving      
Writing you,      
will somehow connect me to you      
via the mercy      
of Gods      
much smarter than myself.        
if you're quiet enough      
right now,      
you can hear my thoughts      
and desires.....      
(they're all yours)      
.... feel my need for you      
and warm yourself      
by the fire      
you stoke      
deep inside me      
A fire that burns so bright        
I can't believe you're not able to see it      
from your distant location;      
I'm amazed      
that it's only been days      
since you've been gone      
I'm so selfish in my desires for you.      
I feel your pull      
even with your absence,        
even with our distance      
being twice as much as usual      
I feel your gravity      
and crave it's weight      
I crave your words      
like my body craves your vapor touch      
I can't get enough      
of you      
I ache in your absence      
I miss you      
with the fibers of my being,        
delicately screaming        
and I dream      
every night      
about your happenings        
"What is he doing at this moment?"...        
"Is he missing me like I'm missing him?"...        
"His mouth is my heart's hope      
and my pussy's number one fan"...      
a few random thoughts dance        
and run through my head      
as I lay in the dark      
dreaming of your presence      
Dreams of you....    
pressing into my ass      
with your hardness,      
as your arms enclose      
around me      
We rock each other soundly        
slowly back and forth,      
I'm such a romantic—      
a cherishing characteristic,        
I also want to fuck        
some more        
like we've never fucked before      
of course, I do      
I want to climb atop you      
a mountainous graze        
to lick, fuck, and suck      
in all the ways      
that we desperately require,      
dream and share and a million more      
we've not thought of before      
Our symbiotic connection will penetrate,        
leaving us to be covered in each other's sweat, kisses and cum as satisfaction permeates      
our synchronicity so deep      
we start to fall asleep        
with your hard cock still inside of me,        
we both drift off      
to that dreamy state  
exhaustion punctuates    
whilst sleep  
long distance  
Written by Bluevelvete
Published | Edited 26th Nov 2020
Author's Note
a letter into the ether...

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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