Right to Poverty

Her boyfriend told her he loved her, that he was her rock, her savior, that he would be with her always.
Then the rabbit died.
He ran so fast that light couldn't catch him.
And she was left all alone.
or maybe someone she knew, or didn't know decided to force himself on her and she knew that every time she peered at the face of her child she would see her attacker, every look a reminder.
Could you do it?
No one wants an abortion. They just want a life.
In the 'good old days' before Roe versus Wade, women went to the back rooms where butchers would perform abortions.
A lot of women died.
Blue bloods would just disappear overseas 'to see the world' in convenient 9 month intervals.
Only the poor had to deal with such problems.
That's what the Right to Life people want to go back to.
If their motives were true and they really wanted to cut back on abortions they'd push for child care for single women, maybe add educational grants for those that qualified, but instead they cut those 'entitlements'.
No, these are the same people who won't wear a mask to save people from a pandemic, and want the death penalty for criminals.
This isn't about Right to Life, this is about the right for a woman to live in eternal poverty.
Written by TimWombles
Author's Note
I never know how to classify my rants.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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