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A Dream

My dreams are always weird. I am a weirdo, so this makes perfect sense.
She was sitting at my workstation, in front of my computer. This was unusual, because she didn’t work there. Actually maybe it wasn’t so unusual, because I was a public servant and half my colleagues did very little work.
But she should not have been there. She was a poet I knew, but not very well.
So there she was, sitting at my desk, when I walked in, in the morning first thing. She was an unusual looking woman – shaved head, maybe down to a number one or two via clippers; pale skin and a pinkish tinge; thin, average height; perky pointing breasts.
She was not my friend – she didn’t like me, and I didn’t care for her.
But here she was, sitting at my desk, at my work – an image I had never had before, and that would have ranked very highly on my unexpected list.
As I walked in and noticed her, she swung around on the swivel office chair to face me.
She was not a good-looking woman, but had a strange charisma about her.
As I approached, I noticed what she was wearing. Her thin angular body was clad in a tight-fitting shiny black latex catsuit. I stopped in front of her, and my eyes lowered to see that the catsuit was crotchless and she was without panties.
I looked up and she focused blankly on my curious expression.
My eyes drifted down once more.
Her legs were apart enough to reveal her bald pouty pussy. The mound was accentuated and so too was her long silent slit. A hint of lip peered out like a fawning invitation.
She sat, still and expressionless, eyes fixed firmly on me.
The room was large enough to comfortably contain four workstations – basically four desks and chairs and computers on each desk. These were logically arranged in each corner. Windows ran along one side and light streamed in. I was fortunate and had a window seat.
I am not a morning person, and usually only fully wake up around 10am after my second coffee.
So first thing, most of it’s a bit of a blur.
I turned my head to the right, following the line of the windows, and made out the second workstation.
One of our bosses sat there facing me. He was out of place - he wasn’t my boss at the time, and our bosses had their own private offices.
He was a fair, bald, fit and handsome chap, with a good sense of humour and adored by guy and girl alike.
He too was wearing the same type of crotchless black shiny latex catsuit, and he too was sans panties.
I searched with my eyes, expecting a big dangling penis. But his crotch seemed similar to that of my poet acquaintance.
The third desk in the room was unattended, and I scanned further to the other in the corner behind mine. A small group of co-workers sat around it, with their backs to me. At the computer, but turned to face us sat another girl from another office.
She was young and cute and fat but not obese. Her hair dark and shoulder length, soft perfect complexion, and smiling as usual.
Surprise-surprise: she too wore a black shiny crotchless latex catsuit, and no knickers.
Her mound was different – full and wide but also shaved clean. Her legs were spread and raised, resting on the arms of the chair. Her hand was down keeping her large meaty labia lips open. They glistened pink and wet.
Other hands reached in and touched them, our workmates taking turns to stimulate her.
I wanted to go over and join in.
She looked at me with luscious inviting eyes and smiled demurely.
I imagined her full round breasts hiding squashed under the tight firm suit.
I thought of the contrast with my poet acquaintance and her pert pointy ones but also crushed under the latex.
At that it ended, I stirred half-awake but so wanted to get back to sleep.
I settled once more, into the pillows.
I was on a massive ship, in the engine room which was huge and many stories high with walkways and railings. Wind howled outside and waves crashed against the sides. The ship lurched and heaved.
My poet acquaintance was there too. I cupped one of her pointy breasts in my hand and I fondled her long hard thin nipple.
The ship battled to stay upright and water sprayed in. I clung desperately with my other hand to the rail.
I was losing my grip and about to fall.
I woke up.
Written by Spanker
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