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Now It's You and how You Feel , You

(just a few questions)  
   † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † ***  
How many times I gotta cause trouble?  

You done wit your adolescence yet?  

And, just-in-case, how many fingers am i holding up?  

All these questions call for a test of Your Real Self.  
But, we'll have to fore'go all that now, due to them ol' technical difficulties.  
Don't worry.  
Don't worry.  
Don't worry (your pretty little head). Pleas!  

Poems come sliding down some toxicated slag sluice.  
Or may-be the bilge pump needs a new gasket.  
Or may-be some Otherwise (vapor'ghost) is in command.  
†† † † (Out or pensions. Out of luck)  
Ah, but that ghostly shiver keeps chill, and Covid and the  
†† † † Western Fires keep raging, blazing,  
†† † spreading, destroying......[civilization as wee no'wit)  
†† † †But if people'd keep they's mouths shut,  
†† † †it'll all "just be one'a more blg biggest What that any'one  
†† † ever never thought to encounter again, so  
†† † we'll not (must) indulge the coming Wars.  
†† † † Not "in the Mood" for (a) silly scuffle,  
†† † † But while givin'away the evening's su'prizes.  
†† †who's gonna have communion †wit th'church,  
†† † Wit all these waters rising ?  

†† Old, old man  
†† a'hollerin' "Hey! Thems 'gators in there!".  
†† † Razor teeth glinting in sunshine's most  
†† † radiant circumstance, at least until them  
†† † jaws snap shut'n'swaller that most fine dining.  

So much for this Arcane Ashtray Over (the) Avenue pageantry.  
†† The permanent wave is a daily main'tain'ance  
†† chore to that who which † †?  
†† what? where? when?  
†† can handle OverFlow.  
†Looky! Look, how his "perm'' flaps up'n'down as if one solid piece.  

†And this dude fancies that he's gonna be the greatest dick'tater ever.  
†† † †  
Don't hold it in too much tightly. †(Tell your mouth it's a simple'mind exercise, wit no necessity for complications).  

†Breath input thru nose. Slowly out by mouth. Repeat.  
†† Relax bodily tensions. Relax mindly tensions.  
†† † †Do No'thing  
†† † Know No Thing.  
†† † †Be No thing.

†† All (of us) be (like) temporary vapors.......  

†† Quick to disappear.  

Written by dkzksaxxas_DanielX (DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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