Image for the poem Outersanity~with the talented Drieks

Outersanity~with the talented Drieks

the collective eye looks inward
the species of soul has pricked the conscious of the hierarchy
perhaps they are more than sustenance
implanted in humanities conscious...fear
religion used for general enslavement

we crave their suffering
harvest their pain
human screams are the lullabies
our offspring sleep to

tendrils across the universe
detects something new on the winds
coded and locked
a dominion we are new to
the collective eye blinks
and as one we shudder

With precision, their dreams punctured.
Their sanity exchanged for peace.
Seamless, intertwined without function.
Without a care in search of release.

a hush falls over the host
as one we realize the thing called soul is aware
our nurseries possibly compromised
have we made an error in our arrogance?

their Religion pales next to the face of the just.
What a predicament to be part of.
A shameful species in the scopes of lust.
Angst and desire to flip the switch and fire.

They will long for the days of pain without suffering.
Days, no race lives in harmony.
This is the price for their actions we will see to it.
Eradicated from any planet’s face and gene pool.

May our kind succeed for we are what the collective deserves and needs.
communications out they are listening

Written by smackdownraven
Author's Note
thank you dearest Drieks for writing with me today ❤
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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