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The story of humanity is a myth of a myth. Far better this, for humanity's history. What is come to be called God instead of myth has come about as the result of generations of believers' thinking and reasoning into Humanity's Self, in Conjunction with continual inner observation of natural forces and dynamics. It is the same with the Spiritual Calculations known as yoga, or magick. Thought principles of Generations of generations of generations of Humans observing Spirit and Nature, pathworking themselves and their communities through their observations of both sets.    
it is natural for us to use our inner self to praise and love those thoughts which become religion, and to petition such thoughts, using our relationships with the persons or deities inside our thoughts representing faith. In other words prayer.        
Pray for your own story because the story is not impossible. The objective is to not get stuck inside your self "knowledge." Whether we know it or not, our own stories are clear to all of us. But we do not need stories to pray. We can just pray. Do you think prayer is more important or less important? It is just practice. It can become a state of self.      
I have little to do with an idea of ​​a god as the Father, but I will sit, on the weekdays, inside a Catholic Church because they at least have the template of a Mother to sit with. My story preference is to have that.      
So one day, I begin to find myself in St Rita's Church where there is nothing but space on the weekdays.      
I sit in the fresh air in a beautiful church adorned with statues of St. Rita and Maria.        
Sitting in (or for?) a prayer position      
She invites me into her house and talks a great deal, feeling to me like a great, dear, close friend. One who Knew. One who still Knows.      
Thanks for listening      
Thanks for talking      
Thanks for asking      
Written by Em-ily
Published | Edited 14th Oct 2020
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