Poem About Tomorrow

I said, "Spiritual help."              
I always have God’s prayers.              
“Put it in,” I said.              
And we will talk about the ancients called a Christ and a Buddha -              
Thay are powerful magicians in the long term. They seek not only to attain enlightenment, but to bring it, as well. They assume accurate inner knowledge and conjour within what would appear to be precise astrological dynamics. Pinpoints of light.              
They have great spiritual knowledge of deep work and always appear to be in the right place at the right time, even when they're in the wrong. They make-up the right thoughts, they imagine the appropriate physical postures and the emotional states that are correct for their roles within. They sustain the proper attitudes. They probably think, "Thank you, person" after interacting with someone.              
They have a strong will, and an even stronger desire to see change in everything they experience around themselves. They show great self in love. They go inside of themselves and struggle.              
They return to themselves in order to project as a person of hope.        
 Myth is necessary for dynamic.         
In their stories, people like them are always saying, "I'll be back, I'll be back, I'll be back. It will be a long time for me (and I'll be back)."             
But the concept of "One", as in, the same human being who is come, or is to come, back, this part is maybe a remnant of older myths? Or so I will assume.           
Although to the individual, perhaps, it is only the mind which indicates that the transformed person is not the same person as the one before.             
The body is a spirit.              
Humanity wills just to be free.              
I think I have Emily Dickinson's spirit in my head. I think she was a supernatural priest (i think she was a magician) and I am very strong in that faith. If so, she is a different person than I. Or so I'm told I should assume.        
The best way to say "I'm back" is to say              
"In the middle of the old end, our time is different from theirs, another's time is different from our own, and each is a new beginning." Then spread a bright hope for the development of all.              
This is all I can figure.              
I think there will always be people who do it not only for personal growth and development but for other people in the same way, for the personal growth and development of the people around and beside them.              
Think deeply about the actions of others into the future.              
People like this could be said to have a lot of luck or not. Most importantly, they develop when they fall into the perfect spiritual force around them. Harmonize.              
And about those parts of the world where people may be confused about what they see, looking about for the end of the world, etc., or for the world to be in deep darkness or what?              
Okay, so, everyone everywhere always know the world will end, and "very soon."              
But The World is not over. There are times when major changes are all that is possible in humanity's country. And yes, I guess, existence can be confusing, and very confusing.              
I think the best sign for a changing society is womens rights and gay rights and the rights of all others (at first incrementally but) now increasing  rapidly into the marrow.              
The biggest challenges facing humanity today are global multi-corporate capitalism, and climate change. Everyone knows this.              
But the fight against climate change will bring more people closer together than ever, and I think this will help bring us even more of the effects of a positive globalization.              
I think everything will be fine, if bumpy. This is a place that humanity needs to be, and the changes she is making in herself and the places she will take in the future are better even than where she is. Who knows, and the changes she makes. Many times.              
Think about who we already are.              
Written by Em-ily (EdwardRex)
Published | Edited 14th Oct 2020
Author's Note
message to hanagara

In the middle of the old end, our time is different from theirs, another's time is different from our own, and each is a new beginning.
message to hanagara

In the middle of the old end, our time is different from theirs, another's time is different from our own, and each is a new beginning.

I always have to say to myself, "Your perspective is probably not at all bad."
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