angry prefix lady / roxette's joyride no better of "abba"

in ref. to parliREACH: my own revision of "standards" / a return to fully functioning descriptive attaches / cubism / no! to colour-blindness / poetry of whites / communism was good because mostly starving Ukrainians or Kazakhs or other "badziewie" / pressure to instigate overt-nuances of language: a necessary intro. of ciphers / alt.? scythe and stone for every hammer and sickle... ardently pro private property - my own personal library would shame the Romford public 'un... excuses? none: at "face-value"... literally... let's not bother with transcending the man the albino the homo similis - there is nothing essential about a man's personality / character: i don't have a dream - all the better - a return to basics: fully primed HD vintage - bone-sore plum mascara pulp of a face in detail... yes... let's goo!

Afghani or Afghanistani -
      teasingly -
               tip of toe to the burnt heel -
bazar of spices -
and some angry prefix lady:

asian dub foundation: flyover -

iowa or ohio?
         'no iraqi ever called me a paki-'
this huge and coincidentally
hiding rainbow of
alphabets and a peoples
with strap-on or donning wigs

'burning up the Urals in south
little mongol warrior -
mongol or mongrel?

   the plethora of diasporas:
    and of course: angry prefix
dull twisting: a vaguness
of eyes and a schizophrenic's Is:
this iota a push-push of
plural with a possessive article

     Mr. Ghan -
mr. gali-gali in old Bengal -
   cinnamon lives matter...
copperskins and culprits when
not smooching a molten heap
of choccy-blues...

my own stint at gammon:
hyper-inflating a lost character but....
this pronounced idle of...
himalayan salt: pinkish: really though:
pink through and through...

tired of the tan - tabs of a vit-D iet
nonetheless required:
the colour of wheat -
   a faint description of cardamom
once exposed to too much
sunlight -
              breaking barks of wood
in the same disease of the sun...

a running against eskimos -
    sucking a lemon to squint since
not endowed with enough eyelashes...
it's not an anger it's not
a gimmick -
            revelations of
accusations - no more mythical
sha-tan -
               a case for: digging trenches -
in the mud of flanders
better still: no flanders -
a knee deep bollocks side of whittle
essex that almost all of
England wants to tease -

the origins of oranges -
and the whitening of teeth -
no one ever mentioned the whitey's
envy of the negros ivory?
pristine white in the ivory
and the sclera?

hyper-"racism"... a poetry that would
have someone bewildered at
terms 'apricot' / 'cinnamon' applied
to a dog's fur -
   yes... the thesis of anti-racism was
to dig deep into an essential man...

apparently that's not necessary
anymore -
there has to be a return
to picasso's african mask cubism:
the exfoliation of details:
and excuses of them...
no apology required...

nothing worse these days
than being colour-blind:
of missing the descriptive utility
of this tongue...
afro like sponge mingling with
cotton-candy in sensation...

too bad for the superiors:
h'arab and beijing middle-kingdom
ya'llah! imsh'e...
      sinking in that dead sea
black custard thick:
a camel jockey and his camel;
choo! choo! the mercedes-benz
Written by MatthewConrad (bilingual-zoid)
Author's Note
Flaubert contra Tolstoy.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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