My House is on Fire

Imagine your house is about to catch fire,
Youíll definitely want to get out,
Now, imagine if I said ďno you have to waitĒ,
You wonít like it without a doubt.
Now imagine if I had a huge farm,
And I had land and plenty of space,
But as your house is about to go up in flames,
I still tell you to wait right to your face.
But you tell me, my house is on fire,
And I tell you, you have to sign this form,
And you say, the embers are burning me,
And I say, sorry neighbor this is the norm.
Then you start to remember,
That time I went over your place,
And stole the water from your well,
But itís a past Iíd like to erase.
You say, I donít have any water,
And I say, sorry, itís just tough luck,
You say, Help me fight this fire,  
And with ire I say, Iím sorry youíre stuck!
Then you ask, what about yesterday?
You said my wife was quite a catch,
Then you started a feud with all of us,
And then you simply lit up a match.

But I ignore whatever problem I caused,
Again, trying to forget the past,
I dammed the stream and dried up your well,
Now my profits are bigger at last.
Now imagine if the neighbor to your right,
Can come into my ranch as he pleases,
And you ask me, how heíd do that?
I then tell you, he and his family have visas.
Then the other neighborís house is on fire,
But he comes into property with ease,
And baffled with your back catching flames,
I tell you, he did his forms and paid the fees.
So you say, I donít have money Iím poor,
And I say, well you need to wait in line,
You say, Iím in dire need, I need help now,
And I say, your problem, not mine.
Desperate, your family crosses my fence,
But my hired help catches them outraged,
Then they have their way with your wife,
While we throw your kid in a cage.
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 22nd Sep 2020
Author's Note
Thought I'd just simplify it.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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