(Radix malorum est cupiditas)
For the love of money…
Men have sold their souls
Men have told lies to reach their goals
For riches and fame
To cheat at the game
Men fight to have  
More money
More power
And with it,  
More control
But what’s even more appalling
Is that some will say they have a calling
From the Almighty…
And they will holler
From the pulpit saying the most high
Has commanded they live with wealth
See the gospel of prosperity is a pyramid scheme  
Those at the top get to live the dream
They guilt those who are down on their luck  
To give with all their heart because
And get this…
The “Lord” spoke to him and told him  
You need a multi-million-dollar jet  
And when asked to justify why
You can see something evil behind Kenny’s eyes
He caught himself  
He composed himself
Tried to suppress the demon inside
And said – let’s pray
In the meantime little old ladies
The sick
The needy
True believers have been swindled  
While this charlatan
Lives in the lap of luxury
Doesn’t the good book say something about  
“Beware of false profits”?
These aren't churches for the faithful
More like country clubs with a cross at the top
Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19 hits
This fool claims to blow the plague away
And then the death toll rises
Believe what you want to believe
But greed has taken over the airwaves  
They hold a bible to your neck
Tell you to fork over the money
And only then will you be blessed
Stay woke
Written by wallyroo92
Author's Note
Oh yeah, and an extra $17 million to build a hangar for the plane?
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