"The Heavens Declare the Glory of God"(Psalms 19.1-4)

"The heavens declare the glory of God.."(Psalms 19.1-4).
But in the original Hebrew, the third verse says
"There is no speech nor language. Their voice is not heard."
So the "declaring" is not audible but VISUAL, 100% VISUAL.
Like when the green light at a traffic stop tells you to go forward,
 it is purely a visual message isnt it??!!
OK, so what visual message are the skies "declaring" unto us that is so "glorious ??
As Psalms 19 verse 1 says.
Nothing but STARLIGHT !!
But scientists take the light from the stars and run it thru spectroscopes, etc.
They discover that light from stars in other galaxies contains the "red shift."
 This tells the scientists that all the galaxies are zooming away from our own galaxy.
 I.O.W.,the universe is EXPANDING !!
From this one fact a Belgian Catholic priest (of all people!) crafted the Big Bang Theory(BBT).
 (He didnt call it that. His name for his theory was "Cosmic Egg".
 But astronomer(?) Fred Hoyl used "the big bang" as a perjorative term for that theory.
And the rest is history.
The term stuck. And its a great contribution.
 Thank you Fred Hoyl.
And thanx especially to Fr. George LaMaitre.
But just HOW does the BBT give real GLORY to God ??!!
Well think of what the Big Bang Theory claims.
According to the BBT, all was darkness - bottomless BLACKNESS.
Infinite emptiness.
Then in less than an instant, ALL the energy in today's universe burst(?) forth from an opening smaller than an atom !!
In short, the hugest amount came forth from the smallest area, in the smallest possible amount of time !!
 Now lets go by the old saying "no guts, no glory," or rather something like "the greater the feat, the greater the glory."
 If this feat by God of releasing all the energy in today's universe in a single second was a powerful, demanding, awesome feat, well then isn't THAT glorious !!
Doesn't that truly give GLORY to God ??!!
When i said "all the energy in today's universe," i am including the energy imprisoned in matter - all the dormant energy in all the stars and planets.
All that burst forth. In terms of trillions of degrees of heat.
Pretty impressive I'd have to say !! It tested God's power in a unique even ultimate way.
God put Himself to the test, so to speak.
 Finally, there is a second way that the BBT is noteworthy.
It helps us interpret Genesis One in a NEW way, the correct way !!
If "Let there be light!!"(Gen.1.3)=the Big Bang, then
 that statement by God= the START of Creation.
For according to the BBT, nothing - NOTHING - existed before that release of light
(actually it was heat - infrared which IS part of the light spectrum, visible to God).
Now Gen.1.1 reads, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth."
 If we read those words the traditional way, the Earth already exists in verse 1.
 Before the Big Bang in verse 3.
 So, obviously, we have to reduce verse one to just a headline statement - removing it from the narrative itself.
So verse 2 is the real opening statement !!
It says "The Earth was void and without form.."
So the Earth doesn't exist yet.
For an Earth that is totally "void" = an Earth that is absent.
An Earth thats"totally formless" = an Earth that is not there !!
It is the BBT that enables us to see that the correct "day"(eon) for the creation of planet Earth is actually "Day 4,"
 for that is the age in which the sun and moon and planets ("stars") came into existence.
And the extension of the BBT says the solar system came as a package, all the parts together.

What about Day 3??
Well the receding of the waters exposing the ground = the creating of islands.
 This is nothing more than  symbolism that needs to be interpreted as code
(like the "almond tree blossoming" in Ecclesiastes 12.5 = an old man's hair turning white).
 "Islands" in the "seas" of space - that's what GALAXIES are.
So Day 3 is talking about galaxy formation !!
Finally, Psalms 33.6-9 clearly requires that a creative command precede the first act of creation!!
There is NO creative command in Day 1 or 2.
The very first Creative Command occurs in Day 3.
 It is "Let there be light !!"
So verse 3 really does deserve to be recognized as the beginning of Creation of the universe !!
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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