On The Nature Of The Currency Of Future Events

Though I want to have a short thought break to calm your mind about the non financial situation of the event and to give you some peace about the future, I am not sure of the best way to do it. I place a trellis of thought and wisdom around the garden of what I try to relate to (Everything), and I try to do my best. I often feel like my ego is the part which is most unable.    
The United States has spent its entire existence as a cultural symbol. Stones of value and rotation.    
American politics are a signal. But they are complicated. During the post-war period (1940 until Ronald Reagan's second term?) a different kind of politics, stability, stability, good relations and (gazp) rules, despite social trifles like inequality and Vietnam.    
This time period we are living in is the beginning of the writing back down of real life (* life, and murderers !! ). Do not forget the one true organization that is, often times, United, though it is uncared for. It is not an organization at all. It is the people.    
Now, politics in the United States has returned back to it's old old normal. We are in the beginning, back before World War II. It is currently a hundred years before World War II (in America), which you have never seen. In Western Europe, policies will never return to monarchy (of course) and there is no calvary massing between borders, so that' is all good. Eastern Europe always exists at a strange latitude. The World situation overall (factoring out climate change which will be dealt with one way or the other and which will quite possibly bring us all closer together)? Things are no darker now than they were in the 1980s. * Booya. *  
Timelines are all very close nowadays – including 80 years ago – but here is some perspective. World War II is actually a lot closer to us than 80 odd years ago. Though it did end in 1945, it is still current. Like the Civil War was still current in 1940. That was when there were corpses and bulldozers and ports on fire all over the place. People sometimes say that the world is really high. The result of World War II? Redistribution of power. Colonialism (at least, *the overt aspect*) is what they were fighting over. The post-colonial war of reconsolidation was fought all over Africa, to a slow burn. Sixty years worth. Asia too. It's still petering out. The Post-Colonial Game, as originally laid out in the National Rulebooks between Us and the poor Russians.  
Nik started shaking his head, in a way. (But he was laughing.)    
Who won, when we all bombed the World Trade Center? Our great-grandchildren?    
Ancient curses and worse? Okay, so sure, there is a demon – an "evil spirit" – in Jerusalem. (Lee "Scratch" Perry, at least, means it when he says this). But there too, Women have full rights ["trifles" like citizenship and apartheid notwithstanding], versus One International Door Over, where a lot of times the Mother's gender has next to none. So what does this mean? (Never mind, for a moment, the last 2,000 years rampant disrespect for that gender [or has it been this way in "Our" received culture since the neolithic?]. And never mind what this may or not tell us about how convenient international commerce finds itself to pillage and destroy the Mother Earth Herself). What all the evil spirit jive means is that there has been evil-spirit running around All Over our places of "Spirit" for the longest time. When the channel of Spirit – religion – is used for social (social, social, social) and political dominion that's what always happens. It's nothing special. It's everywhere. May there be less of it.    
(Instead of yahwism, or islamism, how about we institute Ya'llism? Hey! Y'all! ... We love ya! …)    
Women’s rights are very different today, and this is the main reason why this "place" we are in is so important. And now that this verse is growing, it is going do so in an historical eye blink. It will continue, and replace those ones outdated. This is a new story. We have drugs, gay people, non-caucasians, and immigrants too. Beginnings can be scary.    
We also have websites. Forty years ago, I never heard of any people out on no sand dunes. And even though that's not true, [I did heard of them], I still only seen black and white pictures of foreigners peering in the newspaper and so forth. I have never met such a person. I would not like to meet people there. It must be so loud in their cities, and they're always starving. Their situation is just pitiful. I'm sorry for them.    
My empathetic connection is grown by a factor of something like important because we have messaging and internet communication protocols and things. Because we are so close now, as a family, as a rule, one can feel the same way about everyone else around us, far away, now, because we talk a lot to each other. Big squirrels.    
Here is a cut-up of a paragraph which would otherwise have ended ingloriously.    
Politics is always    
and they used to put    
spin and gloss on what    
behind the scenes.    
Remember Kissinger?    
Was always there    
now it's on full display.    
Makes a difference    
Only been the same,    
a huge amount of    
we couldn't see.    
It was fucked    
The psychopathy    
but it was hidden.    
But actually    
huge difference is that    
everybody can see it.    
Kissinger was presented as jocular, and an elder statesman. Everyone except kooks accepted this.    
The last political idea was better something than what I did in the ’70s, but coffee and common (and only, frankly, right now, global) culture came as a nation. The current media culture is not the same as coffee.
Written by Cloven_Zonkle
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