I Rise

I RISE (2008)

Everyday thereafter has been exhilarating.
With each gradual step I rise and I breath to
lead a new deliberating me. I'm consciously
aware of the surroundings that have
impaired my freedom of self discovery. The
alleviating sound of harmoniously blessed
grounds being paved down beneath my
saved soul - lets me know, I won't be making
this journey alone.

I can clearly see the horizon stretched five
feet seven inches high, and I, have become
the accumulation of earth and its heavenly
skies. And so, I rise through the lies and
false expectations, and I breathe an endless
breath of a new renovation.

I am no longer forced to ponder on an
alternative means or to generate a vast
solution, it's the dawn of a new day, the
clearance of a lingering negative pollution,
and I have broken free from my exclusively,
bartered institution. And with this eagle's
eye, I can see farther than the renowned
"over there yonder". Yet I'm thankful for
each fortunate blunder - if not for its mere
existence, then for my blind persistence to
prove fate wrong. And as fate won, I grew
strong, and began a string of challenging endeavors.

In a calm brief pause, I examine my flaws
and find myself absorbing the newly
acquired, spiritually admired, answer to the
cause - that I have been selected to
participate in God's eclectic canvas. And as
we walk hand in hand, I know He's painted
my plan and I understand that I am elected,
and good will has manifested. However
accepted, my lungs inhale the interjected
scale of life, and as my soul stands tall
grasping a thousand winds of positive
investment, my back is no longer against the
wall, I know I won't fall. I am a distilled
rough draft with steady progression, and so
I rise pressing my cheek against His swift
wind, and I intend to follow His motion.

I am on an extensive journey, thirsty for the
better version of loves ever famous
excursion. And only thereafter will I be after
the loving factor that exceeds me, that is I,
and I am thee, that wonderful piece of love
that excels into the greater part of life for
eternity. Not a wife or a companion, but the
greater love of being in love with me. I love
me, and I know hurt and pain is only a
second gain to what I've grown to be. I am
that unturned stone, I am that fluctuating
mold, let truth be told, let Him unfold what
was meant to be felt, I am a part of a
fellowship amongst myself, a sound for the
deaf, a voice to be held. I am my own first
lady, only one exists, that one that persists
on being, an everlasting-God given gift. And
as I rise, I realize, through His eyes, I am
forever free to be that partially perfect
entity, Me.
Written by damned_if_i_do
Author's Note
A broken heart epiphany
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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