A Creeping Death

A Creeping Death

Have you noticed?
How the angle of the sun is changing?

Once warm and incandescent

Now is all
Hard edges
And stark shadows.

Summer weeps in mourning,
So Autumn may exhale.

Breath that holds an icy promise.

Wrapped in warm flannel,
Served with pumpkin spice,
Surrounded by fall color,

That only really portends of imminent death.

Drunk on cider,
Plied with these distractions
You are caught unaware.

Lest you pay heed,
Best you be lulled into comfort.

For the door between worlds is opening once again.

This veil grows ever thinner,
A membrane stretched and strained.

Archaic magic,
From before the gods of old,
Wages medieval warfare,
In modern times.

That which keeps there from here,

Is racked up,
End to end.
Stretched until torn,

And from whence they came,
They now walk free...

Though the faces of children are painted,
And houses are decorated in spooky delight

Itís just a day like any other.
Things still need sorting,
Houses must be kept.

Crawl spaces need to be attended to.
Things must be in order,
Because winter is soon upon us.

Armed with a flashlight,
I open the door.
Greeted only by the cool air,

And the familiar smell of death.
For I have dreamt of death and of that realm.

I lay onto the creeper with care,
To head into the darkness.
Harmless darkness,

Itís just a crawlspace, right?


Moving through a cloud of death.
Searching for the source.
The darkness is growing thicker somehow,

Yet I push through the miasma of decay.

Why does the light look so muted?
Why are the hairs on my neck standing on end?

Must be a touch of claustrophobia.
Itís just a crawlspace, after all?

So with nebulous dread,
Creeping up my spine,
I push on further.


Creeping for what feels like ages.

Rolling feebly into a black hole.
Matte, painted in midnight.
The ink billows around me.

This canít be real.
Iíve gone too far,
Iím in too deep.

Infinite crawlspaces donít exist.

Thusly, reason and instinct rage.

Through the haze,
In my minds eye
I begin to see.

I bear witness to metaphysical manifest.

Things that should never be seen by mortal eyes.

Ancient stories,
A cacophony of shrieking secrets,
That should remain unrevealed.

Ley lines inscribed,
Burned into the earth.
Mortal eyes blighted,
The depths made eternal.

Hearing the cries go silent,
I try to creep away, in reverse.
Yet I am mired in something viscous.

Slippery as oil but
Clinging to me,
Like pitch gone cool.

The amorphous,
Made material,
Pull and twist.

Bearings lost in panic,

Iím being swallowed alive.
Being seized by nothing!
Being smothered by everything.

Flailing in this chasm,
The darkness crushes me,
From the inside out!

Tendons slipping and snapping,
Compressed by gravity infinite.

Bones contorting and cracking.
Eviscerated muscle slips and sizzles.

The shell is pulverized.
What was once, is no more.

Now I wonít be found.
No evidence to be left behind.
My screams forever silenced,
Only the mystery remains.

Just an open door,
To an ordinary crawlspace,
Tending to ordinary fall chores.
At the end of October,
Just All Hallows Eve.

The day I passed planes.
I was forever lost.
I walked through the halls of the veil.
The day I was claimed from here to there.

-Rachael Alexandra
Written by MyEyeDelight (Rachael Alexandra)
Author's Note
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