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Mmm... Taking Center Stage

Mm… I have ben coveting your psyche from afar… my love  
Honey drips to your mind, as if tasting the feeling if there ever was
You want to breathe me in then stir the head of your lust in the sweet giving’s of this butter rum silken glove        
Ooo.... you’re my best kept naughty secret… mmm …now naked in full view        
Stroking your member while turning me on, when a stilled image just cannot capture, this just due        
My melanin Creole skin…you feening to taste
Rubbing my lacy garter up and down my slit.. my juices seeping in the fabric for you to sniff my fragrance upon the wait
Come here baby let me whisper in your ear
Oh, sweet mercy… mmm... I want you to please me like that as I hold on to a mounted chandelier
Placing my lags around your neck … plaming my buttocks, kissing my cunt with little pecks
Flicking your tongue for a quick tease inside my love fest
Bracing my back…  to the bed I go…
The hardness of your dick … a long night ahead, I already know
Legs in the air, plundering inside…ssss…hisses behind the tight anticipate
Loving it when destiny sinks deep in the saturation of fate  
Licking my fingers… a kiss blown at you…fingering my moisten dew.. you know this all just for you  
Your eyes to my body intent as they slowly hover          
Let me V-shape my clit for you… my two fingers… to my slit they tantalize, as they smother        
The door to my thighs parted… once locked deep inside me, begging for the desires of its sweeten outpour  
Palming the seductive sway of my hips.... mm the feeling of me gyrating on your dick got you wishing for more  
You like that don’t you        
Give you center stage of this juicy food        
Oh baby… that’s right roam your palms down the curvature of my spine        
You got my body trembling knowing tonight you are all mine    
Closing my eyes, I love the way you spread me…. for a midnight thrusting ride
Wrapping my hand around  the base of your arousal
Hosing you deeper inside me for that razzle dazzle
Oh.. that feels... so damn good... which I know you would
Gliding the hardness of your hunger beyond my soft folds        
Oh papi…  delving in and out my carnal cove with the elongation of your soul
The warmth of my abyss sheltering your erection
Got you swearing and sweating
Sensations overcoming from my head radiating down to my toes, kisses your shoulder blade, your inner arm.. where my tongue can console the skin where it patrols
Oh, my love … inching your erection back and forth, for the slicken slips
Your deep grunts telling me you liking this
Tonguing me for that slopping kiss
Hands over my head, wrists cupped  
The ambrosia of my skin your mouth sup        
Love bites adorning your skin
Kisses to my lips, wrapping my legs around your back... coveting as you slide in again…. and again.. oh God and again      … my spine arched…. I’m slowly seeping, snatching your girth out before I know        
In between my legs you climb, my buttocks cupped… licking ever so slolwy the pleasurable drippings of my butter rum flow        
My palm planted on your head        
Deeper and deeper you sink… what better feeling to rattle a bed        
Come here... handsome …let me taste the coating of me off the tip    
On your knees, rolling your pre-cum all over my lips    
Oh yes…  I’m responsible, for all of this        
In and out… sinking your arousal deep inside my mouth        
My fingers… snaking down, and then with two fingers darting in my wet south        
Oh God…. I love to hear your roar        
You throbbing, me waiting for your outpour      
Grunts behind the addicting pumping        
My tongue up and down your taut skin.... your solid extension inside my mouth, drumming... thumping        
Your head bending back…your desires beyond the blissful feeling… sinking my fingers ever deeper into the wetness of my sugar walls, my mouth milking you... reeling  
Pre-cumming droplets greeting my tongue.. drools down my chin,  spilling
Tasting your eagerness …. oh baby you’re ready        
Lifting the back of my neck up… mmm… making love to my mouth, holding my head steady  
Oh…. gag me baby        
In between these sheets, a freaky little whore I am, for this moment... I am certainly not a refined lady  
Gyrating under you, blissful ecstasy is all I demand  
You got me panting, needing, wanting you handsome man
Oh…yes… yes…. mmm.... there my baby goes  
Trickling that pearly current… flavoring my tongue from the blow        
The essence on my hands dripping down my fingers…. swallowing your pearly flow        
Globs of residue serenading my tits        
Feeding you the craving  from my sweeten drenched slit        
As you taste the essence of my honey drips        
Mm... how sweet it is...
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Only I discern Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn.

Robert Browning
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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