Grendel pt. 2

I asked her what his name was, then dropped the silver on the floor screaming it
His mother burst into a hysterical laugh hoping that she was dreaming it
I should had seen the resemblance, I should had been a better parent than my own
His mother is promising death to me and the guilt wont leave me alone

I buried Grendel among my gods, a boy without a father lead wayward
I should had been proud of his many conquest instead of listening to the naysayers
His mom constantly tries to bed me and ask if I want something to eat
And in between her promises to kill me are stuck on repeat

I know that she has plans to wear me down before she mounts her first attack
Questioning me until late into the night with her talons raking at my back
Everytime that I return drunk from mead, she grows bolder and bolder
The weapons are getting bigger and deadlier, and it’s getting harder to hold her

In my drunken state things have begun catching me by surprise
Her skin now resembles scales, the retractable talons and the slanting of her eyes
She no longer walks about the cave, she slithers from here to there
The skeletons began pouring out of her closet, but she no longer cared

But drench in mead and absinthe, the illusion could be seen through
She declared, “tonight you had better kill me if not I’m going to kill you”
She openly displayed her nudity with weapons stashed in every corner
Tonight I will kill my baby’s momma and it’s the first time that I don’t wanta

No desire to be the words of heroic sagas and songs
Before feeling the blade slide into her neck, I asked, “why can’t we get along”
The sea is calling me, there is so much cluttered up inside of my head
Maybe while battling between the waves again I can finally forget the dead �
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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