Like Water for Chocolate*

In the movie, after a life of cruelty    
Evil Mama Elena's ghost  
struck out one last time  
against Love after death    
That's what evil does    
when it's exposed;    
it plays the victim    
to garner sympathetic attention—    
attempts to destroy Light    
strikes below the belt    
with inuendo on its way out    
rather than admit    
its own wrong doings    
( or alternate accounts )    
Truth overcomes—    
so forgive yourself first    
for years of deception    
on this board    
as a male counterpart    
toward those who trusted    
you were who you said you were    
Honesty takes character    
ethics, and morals    
to admit its wrongdoings;    
but, evil hides in the shadows—    
tucks its tail between its legs    
and runs toward the door    
I seriously doubt you'll go    
and sin no more    
( I seriously doubt you'll go at all )—    
hypocrisy rarely does    
It typically finds a new playground    
or alternate persona —    
bringing you right back    
to square one: Lesson repeat    
This does not make me happy;    
I am not rejoicing    
that justice was served;    
on the contrary, I am saddened                     
because you never learn    
being I trusted your alternate    
account to be genuine  
When we conversed. . .  
I forgive you, Missy

And, unless you change    
this is your future;          
Ground Zero  
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 15th Oct 2020
Author's Note
Serious about forgiving yourself first; you need it most.
*Movie title
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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