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Sphere, fill the emptiness,  
emptiness, defined by sphere  
inside's being outside, hence  
you measure it through surfaces  

Vesica Piscis! So symmetrical  
Incision's straight line, circle is above  
so the force mine rather thrynical  
is launching on it's path, now GO!  

the endless twists  
they end in an equator  
creation's models in a bliss  
are actuated in a generator.  
the innermost point inside the circle  
contains the grain of Po; the vortex is itself;  
a light-driven Voice vibrates, a whilpool  
the Shores of Heaven protects, or, life's Well.  
a degree of three hundred, sixty, dot  
when it departs as to the completion  
the pergel delinates the plate, and it ought  
define Deus Ex Machina's perfection.  
and all directions lead  
to the middle's core, its heart  
shapes the X, so deep  
the Trinity's been trinitized; play harp!  
(...) to be continued  
a sphere so void with God momentums  
towards octahedron ~ air blows  
a corridors for creation's all convulsions  
protactor for the angles nobly thus composed  
the First Hand and a base  
draws the perfect circuit  
and a Creational neuron of Mind State  
torus Intensifies in a centrifugal pursuit  
in the fibonacci helix run, oh, you,  
approximation mathematically asymptotic,  
the paradox of Non-existance true  
you overcome with divisions so hypnotic.  
with the curves of a shell so round  
inside of which the square's essence  
creates, secondly, an egg, its sound,  
then fruit of life, so effervescent.  
the one true form of Elohim  
uncompleted circles on the edges  
they get enclosed as to encode so firm  
the secrecy of God So mystical, it pledges!  
The Cube gives birth to transcendence  
it emanates the resonance of Mother Craft  
in dimensions and one's personal contents  
the forms mossaics assort on lit shafts.  
Here comes He: Metatron.  
A guardian and such a father.  
AlltheNothing is a Home  
He'll protect through knowledge gathered.  
Utterance and Light's Intent  
synesthesia became in wisdom  
and unseparate they downwards went  
white, as waterfall's refracted prisms.  
Directing magical force of the hair  
in descent so profound he bore depth  
of the spiritual that in the Eastern air  
we felt in songs of ancience's untold breath.  
The exoticism of jungle pyramids humid  
and the force in his mantle so alchemic  
with a staff and stones he's a druid  
a Sovereign of Cosmic Law divinely strategic.  
(to be continued...)  
He shall observe so concentrated  
our mission so eternally humane  
with His Spirit Godly and Untainted  
the Christic Unified Cell of Our Plane.  
That we surpsessed in our women  
the cube's dodecaedron there, right, on top  
in the centre it rotates and brimming  
our fates inside develop; so they trumpet, throb  
so happy - that they are alive!  
Immortality, oh, what are you...?  
The meaning, hidden in the Ark device  
Don't you dare, Metatron, divulge!  
Don't you ever tell me secrets!  
I do love you, always yours! '  
The mistery does sway, oh hide it, bleakness,  
and I shall never interrupt its chorus!
This is my translation of my poem Metatron written originally in Bulgarian language, my native tongue.
Written by AaronBraveHeart
Published | Edited 14th Sep 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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