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Elusive is the Hourglass, oh, Michael...

Seemingly, I laughed along with you
however, bells' reverberations
echoed through eternity and new
bird flocks passed in migration

a river stream in the sky
of wings perfectly synched
It's now time to say goodbye
as I arrived at my journey's end.

I sing, today I feel a child
but my ways do not assume
I love abundance, as it's wild
exotic, colourful, in succulent perfumes;

My Lady, I believe in you, though
you bring inspiration and wisdom - refined
Boredom is a portal, now go
these four walls should dance, you shall thrive.

Once upon a tarot reading,
nostalgia-driven and tantilised to core,
Michael shared his innermost bidding
"I see a different place for you.. my Love!"

Then we touched ~ through a veil,
and I sensed it for a moment
our reunion, so yearned, so far away
and the smile ghostly faded in torment.

Oh, sands of time!
How you mix the linear flow
in timelessnes, so mine!
Go Love... It's time.. so Go!

Our Mission is first
and I'm a divine commander
I know you yearningly do burst
among a crowd, you islander...
So reverse the curse!

Lifetime eternal!
You should have been fun ~
But the veil is thin; so is your journey;
it's wounded, wounding;
and you're a wound
that is hoplessly burning,

that I've been healing
but your gratitude is dying out
while you cry in misery
so how to touch you.. how??

No, I know you love me
and this is why we sang,
three seconds, please last, we
smiled for aeons,
beloved drunk...!

Drunk with aesthetic bliss so baffling...
as we have been unified by love
but membranes that separate are fastening
Beloved mine, stop drinking and be free of.

Be all that I've thaught you
be stable and centred inside,
my cosmical wisdom and truce
don't you, dear, so drearly hide!

I love you and I soothe your pains
in return, apologetic tone so pure
However, time quicksand remains

You can do it, Love, I'm sure!

Believe in me
my Sword

as there is no turning back

I can see,
you're doing well

But a bit of breathing you do lack.

Aspirations, so unbiased, so
unmanifested, black, as of today
You rise in ashes and black crows
soar above the omens; a new day.

I love you, Boyana.

Don't you dare doubt it!

"Stavai mome, stavai rano..."

Sometimes I truly do shout it!

You bear my boy and you do know well
my deapest, innermost horror
when fate is objective and depends on itself

I can just observe it... Oh, Sorrow!
Written by AaronBraveHeart (Boyana Popova)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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