The Banished Boy

Oh, God, help us, oh, oh.
We are drifting alone.
Nowhere left to go, oh.
This is not ourů

This enemy of mine.
No fate can be a crime.
But somehow I still find.

That time.
Is eating at my mind.
So much dead inside.
I'm leaving this behind.

Oh, oh, this world is too much to bear.
Oh, and through it all I ceased to care.
So send me away from here.
I will never draw near.

The outcast.
The dead last.
The furthest from your mind.
In hells that I design.

Banished from this celestial sphere.
I did not wish to always be here.

Sent away.
Shun and hate.
You will never see me again.
Fire away.
Lose your game.
I'll have fallen by the end.

No sorrow can hold my tears.
No one can understand my tears.
You cannot know my fears.
And now it becomes so clear.

I am the banished boy.
That you sought to destroy.
The torture that you employ.
Has become my decoy.

It's not a surprise.
You saw fit to feed me lies.
But I will smash right through the gate.
And pull myself from the jaws of fate.

No longer under control.
Your hunger swallows you whole.
You're running from your defeat.
I'm coming to seize your retreat.

Your deceit.
I'll impede.
You concede.
I repeat.

Your defeat.
Your retreat.
Never needed.

Your false smile.
Every mile.
Was a lie.
So we find.

Now you try.
To defy.
But this light.
Will make you die.

We're the ones who suffered for you.
Betrayed at your grave, still adore you.
Don't remember who came before you.
Save our souls, we all implore you.

Now we see it all to be.
Never-ending misery.
Here's to losing what we need.
Episodic tragedy.

This is our doom.
Written by Madcinder
Author's Note
Just sorta put this together one day.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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