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Straight Talk Live †(Finding Some Common Ground)

This world is slowly cruising to Hell. Sinnerís flip of a coin landing on tails, fire pit one could only tell. The harmonic dreams of illusions America everyday tries to sell.  

The docile, paradise they shall seek, donít be naÔve, justice does peek. The Believer who held on to the earthly promise, even as we endured the pain and grief, one hundred and forty-four souls entering the Kingdom, that number gives me no relief. †

Are the days long gone where we feel compassion for one another. In need, we comfort each other, in reverence not to emotionally smother. †

We march in streets to the tune of the raging Beast, invading spaces we sinfully greet, our uncivil chats louder than the path of our feet.  

Who is to blame, when politics plays the name game, Democratsí hidden agenda Republicansí polices trying to take us back, it does not really matter, we are all in Hellís kitchen rather youíre white, native, or black.  

The Haves rules, the system, the air you breathe, to the toxic gas expelled in the air, the Have Nots suffer in silence under their wicked care. Creator, can you hear our thunderous outcries. Weary souls do not have time to wait for their pie in the sky.  

It doesnít matter what hue of the mother. We all seem to have divided ourselves, the mirrorís reflective values is now our immoral lover, bullets flying, store fronts vandalize, we all running for cover, no more coming together in any state of weather, someone please tell me things are going to get better. †

Is the only way to get relief from our daily strife is to take a last breath. Leaving behind pain, tears, and possession of material wealth our hands are now empty, we have nothing left. †

Pull the lever casting a vote for the next man, the best man, will we really be better off no matter who stands.  

Life, liberty and the pursuit happiness, what a beautiful declaration, yet, I am not clapping.  

We must find a way people to respect each other and learn to get along. Weíre all on earth, singing the same old tired song. Therefore, how long will treacherous, greed, deceitfulness, and loath continue on. †

My God I can attest; I see people in their last stages of life with so many earthly regrets, but not enough time. Wishing their breath will not be taken away in the blink of an eye. Praying they have made amends to atone for an eternal home in the sky. †

Whereas, we walk around each day, self-centered in our own world, the self-appointed self- righteous spewing word of unfurl, forgetting the proper words to say, be that it may, no faith, yet on our knees we nightly pray, asking for wants, needs, is all we can say. †

Pray within your heart for self, and then for others, no rhyme, no reason. Never allowing the mind to escape to emotional treason. Be graceful to the world, bow under stress in any seasons. †

If only you could see the slow decline of a riddled or fragile body living on borrowed father time. Sight of such, is enough to blow the strongest mind. Tears will drop from the eyes. Questions of the afterlife always takes one by surprise. †

Therefore, make a promise to yourself. Evolve your mind; the body is the vessel that carries us to the throne of death. †

Silence pleads in the dark, regrets the whys. Last rites, preacher has verily testified. An obituary read from birth to sunset by church designs, grief follows for a while, tick tock of life continues to fly by. †

After the threshold has been crossed, stripped down to the essence of your soul, your life flashes as the Almighty behold, a precious life has flashed by a wondrous being already foretold, your earthly life as your credits of love, understanding, and compassion rolls.  

Make good choices while youíre still breathing, believing, no time for deceiving, it will carry you through, in the infinity of time, give you your spiritual just due. †
Live, laugh, and love. Your soul will be reborn above, should it matter who or what you was.  

Down here in the wicked abyss, we can only reminisce, but once those eyes close, sadly, thatís it. †

Make Love, with your five senses, Peace unto each other you, seek, and not be an enemy to War, only blood shed unto the land it slowly seeps, and disunity and chaos we shall come to reap  

As we blend our intellects to come to a beautiful understanding of our true purpose, be safe, stay strong, and remain humbling in your daily †travels †

And Thatís Straight Talk Live For You
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
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