Eros Aims Through the Ashes

Eros Aims Through the Ashes
  Arson consumes the Big Easy. Someone decides the city is in need of demolition because individual liberty is at stake. So they try the more challenging recipes in the “Anarchist Cookbook” to bring about real freedom. But to their dismay, the government only clamps down into fascism.  
     At the tender age of twenty, Rowena finds herself a tourist in an uninhabitable city she once called home. Rowena finds herself chaperoned by the strangest man in a car. He opens the door for her as though he is a gentleman. He says, “Good afternoon. Want to grab a bite?” It is like he is escorting her on a date.
     Rowena replies, “Thank you for the offer. However, my lunch date is just late. He should arrive any minute now. If I didn’t have prior arrangements I surely would take you up on your offer. After all, you seem like a nice man, and no doubt we’d have loads to talk about.”
     He asks her out like it is an ordinary garden district afternoon. It is as though the wreckage all around was just the set of a movie, fictional.
     Her heart pounds in the cage of her ribs. The bearded man says, “I just thought you could use a ride downtown. Seeing as the cabs aren’t in service I can make myself useful.”
     She says, “Well when you put it that way, of course, I’ll accept your offer. My boyfriend is always late, which is one of the reasons our relationship is on the skids.”
      The man says, “What do you say we go to sanctuary city for an Adam and Eve holiday? No doubt you’ve heard of it in St. Tammany Parish.”
     She laughs. “That doesn’t sound like a vacation to me. Making babies is hard work, what with the birth pain and diaper changes. But hey it is the only gig in town. So I accept your offer.”
     “What brought you out to this necropolis?”  
     “Oh, just strolling down memory lane.”
     “I didn’t think you were apartment hunting since the housing authority declared all of New Orleans unfit for human habitation.”
     She replies, “I sure wish I’d met you before this place turned to charcoal. How come I never met a guy like you who is willing to give a girl, a total stranger, a ride in the middle of a graveyard? That is the mark of a true gentleman.”
     “I never forget a face. You were the lady in the parking lot and later in the thrift store. Did you get your baby from the nursery?”
     “Oh Mister, I just needed some cash for cigarettes. I never had a baby thank God.”
     “Could you use a smoke? I have a stash in the glove compartment.”
     “Don’t touch the stuff no more. But I sure could use a place to rest my bones.”
     “You can kick off your shoes at my place.”        
     “Truth is I am chronically single. There are no jealous exes for you to contend with though my dog is very possessive.”
     “I trust he doesn’t bite.”
     “The only incident was with my brother but he has never bitten me.”
     “He is a ladies dog.”
     “My poor misunderstood pup.”
     “With a nip.”
    “My sister will get him tonight. Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
     “Teeth make such deep gouges.”
     “Cry Baby.”
     She sits on the bed they will share. “Boopsie boo, it has a nice bounce. We’ll be sleeping on a trampoline,” she lilts.
     “Tootsie-woo, it has good spring action, girl. We’ll be sleeping on the equivalent of a waterbed.”  
     After her phone call, a party of women enters his bungalow. A woman says, “Hey girl, thanks for inviting us to your new pad. You need a road trip. We’re headed to Costa Rica with our wheels to take us there. Care to join us?”
     She replies, “My butt would ache from all that sitting and there ain’t no chiropractors around.”
    Her friend says, “Sorry, just an offer.” The group leaves.
     He says, “Wouldn’t you rather be sleeping to the chatter of howler monkeys this summer?”    
     She replies, “You are my Costa Rica.”
     “You are my Mexican paradise known as Oaxaca.”
     “Don’t expect me to eat roasted grasshoppers.”
     “Though I’m not Jewish I tend to follow a kosher diet which means no oysters.”
     “I only have them at the oyster bar along with a margarita.”
     “I’m not so obtuse as to object to being in your presence while you enjoy them over your slushy.”
     “Two are strong enough to make a grown man blush.”
     “The hops takes two six-packs.”
     “Please, won’t you take a trip down Margarita lane with me?”
     “As a teenager, I did a paper route on a street called Margarita Lane.”
     “Lol. Well then didn’t you ever wonder about that mushy feeling that comes from having downed a few? That is since you walked its namesake.”
     “You’ve sold me. Let’s get mushy together.”
     “Before you join the major league of drinking, tell me what kind of drunk are you? Mr. Hyde?”
     “Heavens no, when inebriated my shell cracks open, like an oyster and I become the life of the party.”
     “I am the Mary Poppins type. I just get giggly like I am when sober only more so. Take me to your nearest liquor store. Then start your blender and when I wave my frilly little skirt imbibe.”
Written by goldenmyst
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