Marriage btw man and woman, the only sensible union

Eversince mankind was placed on this planet,
commencing from the first man
the marriage between man and woman
has been the only relationship that is logical and rational
normal and natural
instrument of man's survival
Procreation is exclusively for the heterosexual.
Unlike the abnormal and unnatural
way of the homosexual.
Homosexuality is a disorder caused by rebellion
and rebellious perversion
and the country where it is not stigmatised or condemned
it would result more as a psychological effect
where persons are influenced by societal talks to doubt their
inborn sexual orientation.

In countries which demean homosexuality
it only happens as a result of lack of access to the opposite sex, juvenile experimentation or impotence
but I've never heard of an Easterner falling in sexual love with the same sex and unable to fall for the opp. Sex, the way westerners have been psychologically influenced to
unless he/she is westernised or living in the West.  
Compulsive and chronic homosexuality in an individual is a disorder like kleptomania and thus needs to be curbed, controlled and cured with therapy.
Feminism is also to blame for making men effeminate and women manly
thus causing orientation imbalances and abnormalities.
Homosexuality is also the first major culprit causing more AIDS according to research.
Right here on international sites I came across two gays who are AIDS victims.
The traditional holy matrimony is the only rational and far more beneficial set up than cohabitation or homosexuality
and if undertaken the way God showed is the way to lasting bliss and happiness.,
The nuptials, the marital knot btw a man and woman
vital to survival
of mankind, the human race.
Homosexuality is as harmful and immoral
as a sibling falling in love with a sibling.
Vive la vive, long live the common most popular matrimony
and thumbs down to the idiotic illogical set ups that are so wrongful.
It makes me sigh with triumphant relief and satisfaction
to know that each miserable gay and lesbian
will die without lineage, offspring
and will be cut off and barred from
producing more homosexuals to inherit
their homosexuality like a hereditary disease.
Let them each die out without a heir
to continue their shameful wayward legacy.
Yay atleast the sick behaviour dies with them.
I have only pity for the miserable condition of homosexuality.
If the world is left to the devil
one day marriage btw siblings will also be legalised gah.
Yeah why not, since love is supposed to not be restrained no matter what right? Wrong!  
Holy matrimony btw man and woman is real true, moral sound love alone.
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
Published | Edited 30th Jun 2021
Author's Note
I wrote this on allpoetry. com and it was very well recieved.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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