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Gag me with a spoon

...... To the max.....                              
How do I even wanna?                              
Did it totally start with Madonna?                          
Omg, tubular...                              
As if?!                              
Like, Totally?!?                              
Moon Unit Zappa was a muse        
Gen x delights follow,          
as my memory ensues        
We watched,                              
our mouths were ajar....                              
Video Killed The Radio Star        
The neighbors showed off                              
their brand new car                              
Fancy DeLorean                              
Marty McFly,                              
such a "historian"                              
9 to 5                              
laughed through tears                              
Iran hostages,                              
and all those fears                              
Strawberry Shortcake,                              
more than a treat                              
Ronald Reagan,                              
at the head seat                              
Valley girls,                              
gag me with a spoon                              
Raiders of the Lost Ark,                              
I surely swoon                              
Riding my bike                              
without a care or worry                              
No curfew, no cell                              
just play and get dirty                              
Unnatural obsession                            
with Magnum P.I.                            
(sent a fan letter in the 2nd grade)          
loved that 'stache' not the guy          
The making of "Thriller"                            
when it aired made me cry      
Neon clothes, jelly shoes,    
Atari's Frogger,                            
I never loose                            
Sleepover's, prank calls,                            
toilet paper in the trees                            
Smart and clever                            
I hid such "expertise"                            
Return Of The Jedi,                            
Chewbacca's my guy                            
Pound puppies                            
Care Bears                            
My Little Pony,                            
Such a spoiled brat,                            
I had to have all three                            
Space Shuttle travel,                            
blew our minds                            
'Must Have' Xmas gift                            
Cabbage Patch Kids                            
–you'll never find                            
"We Are The World",                            
nonstop play                            
New Coke sits on the shelves          
where it stays                            
E. T., The Breakfast Club                            
or The Color Purple                            
eclectic movie taste is eternal          
Phil Collins wanted 'One More Night'  
first crush didn't check the ☑ 'yes'  
box right  
Braces made me ugly and nerdy  
Alex P Keaton thinks he's thirty  
Duran Duran made me so very randy  
Nick Rhode's came, in so so handy  
Oprah Winfrey could do no wrong          
Iran - contra hearings always on          
Tween to teen,        
nightmare, SUPREME          
Metal was my choice of refuge          
Metallica at 11,         
I was sure to deluge          
Angst and anger, attitude aplenty          
goth girl writing poems-          
so very many          
New President          
didn't last long,            
Clinton replaces,            
90's going strong          
Flannel replaces all the          
with brand new songs                            
Seems Reality Bites,            
wasn't so wrong          
My generation          
was the last of it's kind          
Parental fears...... etc          
Infiltrated societal minds          
While thumbing through the past...  
growing up no constraints nor confined
morals Ingrained, successful shine  
conservative notions  
the majority of the decade,  
parents instilled a sense of self
one that never will degrade  
independent, built with meddle
all life's strife we'll surely settle

Author's Note
Generations X, Y, and Z comp

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