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Free At Last...Thank God.... Nope, Still Waiting Martin

Give us war or give us peace †
Does it matter who owns the lands our feet now lease   †
We greet with our eyes † †  
Behind veils we mentally bow to our governmentís perpetuated propaganda and wicked lies † †
We raise our fist to laws mandated to renounce equal rights, visions of love, a drought here on earth not deemed a necessity from above † †
† †  
Bullets aimed to kill without a worry or care † †
Colliding with the Ďbombs bursting in airí † †
My Fifth Amendment means nothing to me in the dark † †
A badge, a Taser, point blank range gunshots in the back, BLM igniting the wick, as souls is lowered, eulogies delivered from the heart † †  
†† †  
Too much blood has seeped from our Moorish pigmentation, the blessed seeds from manís groin  
Cursed by depopulation annihilation † †  
Is this the plan of Godís will for our lineage to be † †
No future hope to believe † †
Inferior complexity labeled from the rock of the cradle to the mean streets † †
† †  
Yakub and his scientific cyborg equation, lighter, weaker manmade cloned † †
Artificial intelligence rules our destinies, at the tap of fingers, the body is presence, the intellect too far gone † †
Entangled souls under the sheets, but never the authentic components to give unto our shades of variation skin tones † †
† †  
The black man, stagnation of uplifting the black woman † †
The Bible, The Torah, The Holy Quran who we adopt its theologies, whoever saw discord, disunity coming † †
Two sides of political Hell now has Satan and Lucifer running † †
We pray on our knees, we stand, unfavorable, handcuffed † †
Believing that old constitution promise, my skin tone never signed, In God We trust † †
Marching in union, chanting to be free, uncivil consequences sometime is a must † †
† †  
Letís gather the facts, before we rush to judgment † †  
Army in riot gear, protesters pushed back, a teenager with a slinging assault rifle, murders, sleeps in comfort in his own home, †overlooked due to privilege circumvent † † †
Yet, we came from the back of the bus † †  
We now sit in the front, boxed in by socialityís lynchings †in black robes reading a docket, claimed to be a disrupt † †  
Militant groups, KKK influential on weakened minds † †  
The race ties have been severed † †
The definition of peace has sailed, regained with the possibility of never † †
†† † †
Written by CherryLoveNotes
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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