The Centers cannot hold

Secretly engineered in wing opposite of Prevention        
a communicable that could never be Control-led        
99.4% likelihood of fatality        
the Centers for Disease cannot hold        
Judge, jury, executioner in unnatural selection        
Now rampant ruthless, once most common'ly cold        
Sweeping through populace, normal flu we're told        
the Centers for Disease cannot hold        
Widening in gyre scope, eradicating hope        
in takedown of anyone from President to Pope!          
Are we being Raptured? Inevitably to be captured        
and crucified by the Dark Man? The Monster is coming        
THE MONSTER IS COMING! A Walking Dude! Some thing        
straight out of nightmares and dreamscapes        
taking on shifting shapes --- a raven or a demon        
Whatever the case, he'll turn the world on its face        
further purging Humanity from the Human race;        
finishing the job we already started with Christ        
our dearly departed Saviour who's not so keen        
on coming back for Seconds at this last supper        
of an upper respiratory tract infection story        
where next up on Nadine's cross is Mother Abigail        
Author's Note
for the Classic Corner Comp "The centre cannot hold" @
inspired by Yeats's "The Second Coming"...
for the Classic Corner Comp "The centre cannot hold" @
inspired by Yeats's "The Second Coming" @
inspired by Stephen King's "The Stand"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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