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Kill Your Local Pedophile

every thing has been said
now words have no meaning
so I guess I'll just say what's eating at me
the whole world's gone tone deaf
fucked up and greedy
thinking my outlook is dark
because I refuse to make excuses for abusers
it's hard to find solutions to these problems
guess it's easier to accept conformity
and that's the kind of scenario
that predators love

fighting for your rights till they beat you
bloody and defeated
some rather fight for their right to coward
suppression made to seem like a good thing
asshole men that want a slave woman
one who cooks and cleans
picks up after the kids while he drinks with friends
but what does she get?
she gets screwed in more than one way
feeling empty with no power
and that asshole man is just another bitch
getting fucked by his job
the one that sucks the life right out of him
care is replaced by control
for compliance is now true love
and all along they had no fucking idea
that their little girl was being touched
violated by a relative they trusted

did you know Hollywood is full of pedophiles?
so is the church and schools
yet we do nothing
congress pass laws for boarder walls
but says nothing
when it comes to keeping children safe
rape, a fate worse than death
yet most get off scot-free
kids are seen as liars in the courts eyes
fat fucking pigs that laugh at children's pain
I carry on, but make no mistake
I am fucking angry!
down right ashamed
at the world that has no heart for the young
let's build a new road
while cults can get away with abuse
citing religion as a reasoning why
and I'm here looking around like
am I the only one seeing this?
hey, 2nt amendment people
you want your guns so badly
then use them for something good
kill your local pedophile
Written by DevilsChild
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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