Mental Health Alchemy

Open your eyes, roll out of bed
If you fall to the ground
Do some pushups instead
Of staring at your ceiling
Counting the reasons to lie there and feign death
This is not where we're meant to be
At least not yet
There is a grave awaiting everyone of us
But giving up is getting there with no grace
So despite what you've told yourself
For the 8th time this morning
You have value, and no, you should not be dead
Even when you feel like
Your rib-cage is made of lead
It's time to perform some mental health alchemy
And transmute that cage into one of gold
So your chest no longer feels as a prison
But more like a home
And the company housed there
Positivity, love, and self worth
Are amazed at how good you are to yourself
When days grow short
And the good times seem rare
Get your ass up, brush your teeth, brush your hair
It says it right on the box to a happy life
Some assembly required
We have to work for it

Sometimes they don't get us all the bolts
Often times not enough screws
Eyes not good enough to read the instructions
Even though they're skewed
Through trail and error we can put this life together
And it starts with you
To be a better self
You have to be better to yourself
But who knew?
You've had everything you need right in front of you
Instead of using all your bricks to build a 90 foot wall
Build a den for your confidence
And several rooms for your friends
Construct an environment so positivity can thrive
Fashion a garden out front, to show the health inside
And above all else, kind to yourself

And remember always that you are loved
No matter how heavy your chest may be
You are not alone
In this struggle
Or the next
Take pride in who you are
Forgive your regrets
The help you receive today
Does not put you in debt
It's called a circle of support
And it goes round and round
Its you turn now
Take the helping hand
There is no shame in being assisted
Just remember, to pass this along one day
Be the helping hand that you need today
It's okay to not be okay
But it's not okay, just to say your okay
You have to be honest
In whether you are or not
Or we will never get to the point
Where we can begin to end the problem

So place your hand over the hole in your chest
Repeat after me
"I have value"
"I deserve to be happy"
"I am enough"
"I will survive the storm"
"This is but a passing frame"
"I am going to smile, today"
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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