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When Love Calls (Chapter Thirty-Two)

Minsk, Belarus

The chauffer wrapped the long stretch BMW limousine around the residence of Dmeshii’s estate.

Zaniyah felt the limousine’s wheel settle in motion. She slowly lifted the side of her face from off Dmeshii’s chest and looked around.

A beautiful white limestone mansion, fitted to be termed a castle, stood against the backdrop of a coral-blue ocean.

Several armed men guarded the front of a steel framed door.

A barbered wire atop a concrete an outer barrier ran the entire perimeter of Dmeshii’s residence.

Mannered landscaped grounds outshined the horses grazing in the near distance.

Zaniyah spotted a groomsman walking out the stable with a black Stallion in tow. She turned her attention back to what she could assume, a five-story mansion.

Zaniyah turned to face Dmeshii.

“Your Russia estate is very breathtaking.”

Dmeshii leaned over and whispered in Zaniyah’s ear, “We are not in Russia, that fate comes tomorrow.”

“Wait, then where are we?”

“I refuse to announce that information. That ex-boyfriend of yours is intelligent enough to track me in Russia; although he will be on a wild goose chase if he tries.”

“You told me you were taking me to Russia, this is unacceptable.”

“The lifestyle you are accustomed too, will be the life I map out for you here.”

“Where is here.”

“We are in Belarus.”

“Belarus, that’s many miles from Russia.”

“Indeed it is.”

Dmeshii glanced down at his Rolex.

“Come, we must go, There is a meeting, I must attend, and tonight you and I will be dining among some of my associates and their spouses. I have advised my butler to see to your every need, but under no circumstances will you try to escape my presence. If you attempt, the guards have been trained to terminate you on the spot.”

Dmeshii flagged his hand to his chauffer standing near the rear door to open it.

The chauffeur opened the back door.

Dmeshii stepped out the limousine. He pivoted his presence and held his hand down to Zaniyah.

Zaniyah clasped her hand in Dmeshii’s hand and stepped out the limousine.

The chauffer pushed the door close. He walked around the limousine, opened the door, and returned his person to the driver side. He pulled the door close, twisted the key inside the ignition, and then drove off.

Dmeshii grabbed onto Zaniyah’s hand.

Both walked toward the secured front door of his residence.

“Mr. Yukisovo, welcome back.”

The uniformed guard addressed Zaniyah’s presence with his eyes.

“Outside these walls, no one is to get one hundred feet within my guest’s presence. If they do.” Dmeshii looked at the other guard posted at the door. “You two will deal with me directly. Is that understand?”

The man looked at the outline of Zaniyah’s breasts.

“Yes sir,” one of the guards stated.

Dmeshii looked at the other guard. He saw where his eyes was leering.

Zaniyah clutched Dmeshii’s hand tighter.

Dmeshii squeezed Zaniyah’s back in return. He withdrew his weapon from out the waistband of his pants. He lifted the gun, and shot the guard in the center of the forehead.

“Aww…you killed him.”

Zaniyah released her hand from Dmeshii’s clasp. She covered her mouth in shook.

“If a man allows the enticement of a woman’s body to sway him from business, he is no use to me.” Dmeshii looked over at the other guard. “Clean this mess up, and send his mother some flowers.”

“Yes sir.”

Dmeshii grasped Zaniyah’s hand in his.

And she thought her grandfather and father were ruthless individuals.

The guard reached down for the doorknob and opened the door.

A woman appeared out of nowhere.

“Mr. Yukisovo, how nice of you to make an appearance.” The woman of Russia descent pivoted to look at Zaniyah. “And who is this stunning creature.”

“A guest of mine; she will be staying here for a couple of days, and I will like her to be treated with the utter most respect.”

“Would you like me to draw you a bath, ma’am.”

“Yes, and you may call me, Zaniyah.”

“What a pretty name for such a very beautiful woman.”

“Thank you.”

“Zaniyah, you may follow me.”

Zaniyah pivoted her head to look at Dmeshii.

“I will see you later on, I have important business to attend too.”

“You’re not going to leave me here, alone?”

“You are in the company of my most trusted and humble servant.”

Dmeshii winked at his house servant. “She will make sure you have anything and everything you need.” Dmeshii looked at his house servant. “Make sure a dressmaker is called in before this evening.”

“Should I add a hairstylist, sir?”

“Whatever needs to be done, do it.”

“Yes Mr. Yukisovo.”

Dmeshii dropped Zaniyah’s hand. He lifted her chin and found her lips.

Zaniyah’s body naturally drifted into Dmeshii’s stature as his lips coaxed a reply.

Dmeshii inched back. He stroked Zaniyah’s cheek.

“I will see you much later.”

“All right.”

Zaniyah looked over at Dmeshii’s house servant.

“Come my dear, I have not had the time to dote on anyone in such a long time, and as you could see, he has grown into a very handsome man.”

Yes, he has Zaniyah thought, a rogue in disguise, but the observation of his house servant’s words could not be truer.

“Thank you Miss. Olga.”

The house servant, wrapped her arm around Zaniyah’s arm.

Both strolled in the direction of the first Grand marble double-stairwell.

Minsk, Belarus

Conference Room

Marcus sat in a conference room among numerous consular officers, and consular agents. His eyes traveled the distance of the conference room.

“So Director Modarius, you are advising us a Mr. Yukisovo is in Belarus, and he has abducted, this Miss.” One of the consular agents looked down at the official report Marcus provided in written depth. “A Miss. Zaniyah Delaro, who is an American citizen.”

“Consular, it’s written in the report, and nothing has changed from the last time I approved its contents, sir.”

The superior consular agent cleared his throat. He sat back in his cushion leather wingback chair.

“And according to your report you are asking the American Embassy here in Belarus, permission to recue this woman.”

Several whispers prevailed.

Marcus looked around the conference room.

“With all due respect, yes. This woman’s life was taken from under her.”

The superior consular agent sat up in his chair.

“How do we know this woman did not go willing with Mr. Yukisovo?”

“Because, her father has placed a huge ransom for her to return to America.”

“Director Modarius, this country or its politics is not for sale.”

“You tell that to Mr. Delaro in regards to his daughter’s abduction.”

The superior consular agent palmed his cheeks down.

“As in syndicate.”

“That is exactly what I mean.”

“I need everyone to clear the room. I need a personal word with a Director Modarius.”

Everyone within the conference room rose to their feet and strolled to the door.

“Someone shut the door on the way out.”

The last person to exit the conference room pulled the door close.

The superior consular agent looked across the conference room table at Marcus.

“Director Modarius, we do not allow any retaliation on our streets in Minsk. However, what you do on your own dime, is your business.”

The superior agent consular looked down and continued to read the report. He looked back up at Marcus. “You may want to take under advisement. Mr. Yukisovo is a very powerful man in Belarus, and in Russia. He is the Pakhan with men under his superiority. Are you ready and willing to bring a battle of this magnitude to his door, and on his playground?”

“I am not here wasting my time, or my dime. However, between you and me, that fucker did try to give me the slip. Thank goodness for Satellite Tracking.”

The superior consular agent palmed his chin down.

“I will point you in the right direction. After you leave here, this conversation never occurred, and off the record; you must have the proper defense to penetrate Dmeshii’s residence, and that goes double for the military style compound he resides at in Moscow.”

“I appreciate any assistance you could offer.”

“I hope you know that assistance is going to cost you.”

“From one agent to another. I’m prepared to pay. And I need spies, not more guns. And dealing with Dmeshii and his hired men they are known to be ruthless, and show no mercy. Therefore, I would need safe passage within his inner circle.”

“I have top men, former special ops, and I have spies within his camp. Be advised, Dmeshii is no fool. If you attempt to involve the wrong soldiers in this dangerous escapade; he would smell an inner rebellion, torture you, and then kill you all.”

“Are any of these men you speak of in Dmeshii’s pocket?”

“No. They were once my platoon of men, and under my direct orders, and they all reside in Russia.”

“Can I trust you?”

“Trust comes with sacrifices and an open wallet. However, since you took it upon yourself to come to the American Embassy, to discuss imminent matters, man-to-man. And we both fight and have fought for the greater good to protect all mankind, rather oversea or abroad. I will aid you anyway I can.”

“Very well then. I need you to point me in the right direction.”

“Meet me back here this evening when the staff has commenced for the evening. I do not trust ears, mouth, or eyes around here.”

Marcus stood.

The superior consular agent stood.

“Thank you for everything, sir.”

Marcus intended his hand across the table.

The superior consular agent leaned across the table and shook it.

“Good day Director Modarius.”

Marcus retracted his hand. He turned and headed for the door. He opened it, and walked out the conference room, and pulled the door close.

Minsk, Belarus

Later That Afternoon

“So what angle should we utilize? I do know in fact Dmeshii’s residence consist of ten major guards, which would be posted here.” Marcus pointed to the blueprints of Dmeshii’s residence. “They change guards every two hours. That would be the perfect time to make our move.”

Special Field Agent Habitué looked down at the blueprints. “I would like to know during the changing of the guards, who will be their eyes?”

“No one. These guys are sloppy in their security, but very deadly with their weapons,” Mr. Ramo stated.

Marcus looked over at one of the Special Ops Edwarson.

“Is Zaniyah being held at his residence?” Marcus inquired.

“According to an inside source, yes. Director Modarius, the supplier of the weapons we purchased this afternoon, advised me the artillery will be effective in penetrating concrete. I say let’s demolish his residence. You take away the fishbowl, and the fish dies,” Special Ops Ton stated.

Special Field Agent Kline lifted his head from studying the blueprints. “I agree with Special Field Ops Ton,” Special Field Agent Kline mentioned.

“I have word that Mr. Yukisovo’s Sovientnik is having a diplomatic gathering of important ranking members within the Bratva on the success of the business ventures in America. Now that every man knows his assignment, we will strike at twenty-two hundred hours,” Special Field Agent Elk acknowledged.

“I have already informed the American Embassy about this military covert operation, and they have agreed to lend us their full support,” Marcus reminded everyone.

“Gentlemen, we have two hours top to complete this mission, if we fail, we will abort immediately. The Russia Bratva is a ruthless gun toting militant group, which will shoot their enemy first and waste no time with questions later,” Mr. Ramo, clarified. He walked over to a wooden crate that stocked piled live hand grenades.

Agent Kline walked over to an open wooden crate. He sifted through several cased high-powered artillery. “Men, I say this mission is going to be over in no time,” Agent Kline boasted. He removed a M16 assault rifle from out the crate, and aimed it at the wall. “Yes, a very successful outcome.”

“I say we get some rest. We have a long evening ahead of us,” Marcus pitched in.

Special Field Agent Kline’s housekeeper entered the living room. “Mr. Kline, I have prepared an early dinner.”

“Thank you.”

Special Field Agent Kline’s housekeeper bowed her head and exited the room. Special Field Agent Kline, Special Field Agent Elk, Special Field Agent Habitué, Special Field Agent Barletta, Special Ops Edwarson, Special Ops Ton, Marcus, Lucky, and Mr. Ramo, walked out the living room.

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels. I will be adding a chapter as fitting to celebrate life in general

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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