Dream Weaver

Cum unto my monarch and please this Queen  
Take my body to the throne of passion, beyond the state of serene  
I bow at your feet my handsome King  
As I crown your head as I make your body sing  

Soft and willing as I am  
Knights shall fall under my seductive salacious command  
But the handsome King and I  
Entwined by passion, conjoined in lust by and by  

Reign to love ordained by the skies  
Hail to the King unto me he kneels, our ties we bind  
His virality drives me wild  
My eyes in search of another to find †
Never a twin of his yearns, his animalistic appetites by design  

Fusing our temples in the throne of infinity we befall  
He savors the sweeten flavor of my Chi upon my beckoning call  
Giving me his all  

Clasped wrists bound behind my back  
On my knees, gripping the intensity of hair, masculinity taken aback  
Dick darting behind a darken concealed groove  
Domination of my mouth kisses to my lips, so smooth  
Horse tail whip to tease as one must say  
Stimulating distraction to conceal at play  

Prowling against the winds, howling for her midnight touch  
Her lips pleases me when she covets the harden tip of my aroused thrust †
Heat seeking her, interlocked when plummeting into her pinkish lush  
Coasting within, in and out with a weakening insatiable rush  

His voice beckons me throughout the realm of time  
The heat of his breath, whispers to my ear, echoing as Heavenís chimes †  
I feel the presence of his touch, intoxicating like sipping smooth wine  
Sinking in the alluring drawing of my seductive scent †
The rapture in his arm I relishes unrelent †
He leaves my mind, my soul totally spent  

Setting up for an ejecting upstage  
Testosterone hungry upon a silken enclosed engage  
White flag surrendered scorching the mind  
Knees planted to earth draining his Northern pointed gravity of time  

Granted wishes †
The taste beyond her soft folds, so warm, wet, and delicious  
In the throne of her dreams, she is the soul your heart deeply misses  
Mesmerized and enthralled by the taste of her enchanting kisses  

Lay me down, extended hands above my head  
Rose petals crushed upon a silk covered bed  
Rubbing within the Genieís lamp for a blissful ride between my thighs  
In and out of my dreams, his promises to worships me takes me high †
Falling into the bliss of his pleasurable nighttime sweeten surprise  

A rose in the Garden of Eve her nectar none can compare  
An earthly Angel who dreams I invade becomes mine on an †
astral hope and a prayer  
Within my dreams his caresses upon my body he softly feeds  
The supple of my skin his mouth tenderly tease  
Sliding between the arc of my divinity as I asunder, he leads  
He topples upon me for his engaging ease †
Wallowing in the juicy depth of my good deeds  

Flames turned up leads to a combustible moisten implosion  
Intimate anchoring diversion  
A hard weapon firing into my honeyed ocean upon submersion  
I am her Dream Weaver  
She is my hope, in the dusk of dawn, my faith believer †
My celestial mental healer  
Submitting unto me her silken ecstasy, once deep inside, so tender  

Are you out there my Queen  
The soul who my dreams are gently weaved  
From realty to make believe  
Make my wishes come true tonight  
As the craving found in each whisper takes flight  
The dreams of life  
An universal gift of love  
Mm.. what a dream...that was  
Where is a good sleep when the body needs one  
Come to me sweet dreams for my slumber to be won  
To become entangled and then undone  
Before the rising of the sun  
Another K Production
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Night is the mother of counsels.

George Herbert
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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