Love Me Forever

Can you love me forever, Yes my love, with all my heart yes. I will love you until they lay my soul to rest. I can love you forever. Put my words to test. It's nothing you could do to make me love you less.  Although you left me broken and alone. I still love you from my skin to my bones. You can't block my heart, like you blocked your phone. My heart cried out for you in the cold streets I roamed. Left with a small bag. Rode a train and made the streets my home. Nolonger knowing the softness of our bed. I sat in vacant a building, with thoughts of suicide in my head. Which should I choose for death, drugs or lead. And wondered to myself, how would you feel when they found me dead. I wonder if you really loved me or was I mislead. Yet my spirit would not let die, so I pushed ahead. Took the little money I had, and placed it in the hand of the pusher man. Getting high to escape my feelings was such a euphoric plan. Yet I still loved you as I held that bag of slow death in my hand. Cold and broken with no place to go ,tears in my eyes. As I faced the cold and the snow. Wishing I had a warm cup of your coffee.  Instead I had a monkey on my back, and I couldn't seem to get him off me. Yet I still was in love with you. And it was killing me softly.  So dying was my life mission. Leaving the shelter in the morning heading to the soup kitchen. Dam I got to get some bread for this monkey I can feel him bitching. The devil in my mind I could hear him pitching. Withdrawals ravishing my body. My stomach aching twitching.  I am losing my sanity, I am not feeling well, I spot two police men on the corner. Listen ya'll are looking for me take me to jail. The streets and drugs are a living hell. Put the cuffs on me place me in a cell. One of the officer look at me and said well.  We will call you a bus. Because of the covid19, your charges are not serious enough. The mental hospital dam a man can't go to jail, dam times are rough. And I stilled loved you forever. Stop loving you never. So that didn't work so I moved on. A sniff of herion here or there, and the pain was gone. But that was only a temporary fix. I lost the woman I love, my home ain't this some shit. I am freezing in this cold winter rain sanking deeper into this bottomless pit. I said to God I can't take this more. This suffering I can nolonger endure. I said you gave me a chance before, I beg of you  give me one more. I said I promise to change, and clean up my act. Become a new man and never look back. But I will continue to love her forever and that's a fact. I promise her my love forever and it must stay intact. So God must have smiled on my soul. Showed me mercy and pity. Now I was on my way to New York City. I thanked the Lord of my salvation. First I went to detox and then rehabilitation. The pressure was off me so I had time to reflect on my situation. self reflection and self preservation. And I started to focus on myself. And said how can I love you forever if I can't love myself. I looked in the mirror at my temple. And I was so ashamed I was so losted in drugs and the wrong perceptions of love, I forgot my name. I said dam my life and happiness is important, this is not no game. So I took that love I had for you. And I loved myself. I am clean from all poisons and love my health because it's my wealth.  Yet my love for you still endures. Yes I I will love you forever, and I will love myself forever more.
Written by darkcloud68
Author's Note
True love never dies. Love your self truly and you can truly, love someone forever.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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