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I'm in deadlock. Immobile. Immovable. Adrenaline is pacing through each vein in my body, so much, that I can feel my circulatory system as a whole. Keep calm and breathe slowly. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Repeat. I look at the time. I hear the ticking in my head while every second passes by. Iíve almost got it. Iím almost at the goal. Just this one last obstacle.

All the gossip, all the rumors are true. The word coalition or alliance rolling of tongues, slipping through mouths. Itís just propaganda they say, nervously. Nothing of concern. It is coming, they all know it deep inside. Exposing them all. The big guns, the order.

But here I am, the last step, the last document, the last piece of the puzzle. Then it begins. Two rebellious groups colliding, forming a new state of things. It will be chaotic at first; people don't like change. They would rather die of melancholy than to change for the better. Humans are like sheep; they like to follow. So, we will lead them.
I was there from the start. From when the talk only started in basements and garages with booze and smoke. From when we used graffiti to announce ourselves. From when word of mouth brought us more people who believe in the movement. From when things got serious. From when the others started to kill us off one by one. Up to now where the fate of everything is in my hands.

I am frightened, but I need to be valiant, courageous, brave they say. This is life or death. This is politics. This is more than that. This is taking down the man, taking down the order, taking down the system. The rebuild of a new world. To keep it simple, to save the planet and future generations. We thought it was impossible to do, failing again and again, but we never gave up, we just stood up stronger every time. It took us years. But finally, and eventually, we are actually doing it.

It took me a few weeks to get to this point. Passing from one courier to another, from one car to a truck to motorcycle, walking through old subway lines, getting chased through forests, sleeping on hard cold floors. The journey was hard and rough. But I made it this far. I am still alive. This needs to work, I didn't go through all the hardships for nothing. We all went through the hardships for nothing. Leaving everyone and everything behind. Our families and friends, lovers, acquaintances, familiarities of roads, towns, shops, foods and home. Home...

How I miss home, my family and the feeling of love. But I am doing this for them, and all others that donít know how to use their voices to speak out. For all the little ones that donít know better and aren't aware. For all the species extinct. For all the ones still roaming earth. Humanity is a failure. Failing in all given to them. We can make it a success again, try to clean up the mess that greed, power, money and arrogance created. Try to better ourselves. Be humble again, be grateful again, appreciate the little things in life again, to be thankful for all we have. We can become better, we will...

Coming out of my own thoughts, the ticking in my head is back again. I look at the time and I get ready to take the sprint. I need to wait for the perfect moment, wait for the sign. The time is nearing. I have practiced for this, got fit, like rule #1 in Zombieland. Cardio. Cardiovascular exercise. You need it to survive anything. Getting caught can result in death. Running, riding bicycle, swimming, doing obstacles, over and under, up and down, jumping, climbing. I press the button on my watch. You can do this. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Repeat. Don't get caught... Three... Two... One... GO!

I tear away in race, running, me against me, me against time, me against the order, me against the world. I feel sweat breaking out on my forehead. My feet pounding each time it smacks against the terrain. I run down an unknown street with all I have, moving my legs one after the other, left, right, left, right. Oh, I hope nobody is watching. This was planned with the smallest details, with inside information. Members from all over the world with all types of professions. Without them we couldn't have done any of this. Left, right, left, right... Almost at the first stop. I only have a certain amount of time to get there. My watch started beeping. Time is almost up. Move legs, move! They are coming, they are getting closer. I hear them. Left, right, left, right. Three... Two... One...

I am safe. I've made it to the first stop. I stop my watch. Breathe. In through the nose and out through the mouth. I need to catch my breath. I hear them pursuing down through the streets, looking for anyone not on their side. They do it more for the pleasure of killing, I think. It's an excuse. Not to have consequences. They are getting further away; it's getting quiet again. That's good, they haven't spotted me. Just this last hindrance then itís done. When I donít hear them anymore, I lift the drain top slowly and set it aside. I climb down the ladder into the underground water system, at least there is a narrow passage to walk on. I must be a mouse; I need to move slowly. One noise can be the echo of death. One foot in front of the other, I traipse on the small ledge barely seeing anything but the abyss staring me in the face.

The thought crossed my mind a million times - why we decided to use me for the final chapter or stage. I was always kept inside, planning everything. Never did the hard work outside. That part they never included me in, I don't know what information the last documents has scribed on them. I was kept in the dark about that, like this abyss I'm walking in. I am seeing the neon sign where I am supposed to turn left. One foot in front of the other, I walk step by step, I reach a ladder to climb to the last courier the document needs to get to. I listen to the metal clanging while climbing each step, I feel my stomach tie up in knots, this is the moment, this is it. At the top I knock three times and wait... one, two, three.

The hatch opens, bright light blinds my eyes, a large hand reaches down to pull me up. I grab the hand and get lifted into the air; I am placed into the centre of a luxurious room. Everybody is staring at me. In silence I hand the large, knightly looking guy the document. He looks at me up and down, clears his throat and announces to everyone, " Make way for the last heir and ruler! Queen Adira!"
Written by PurpuraBuho
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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