[ Covid-19 ] Mandate

There's a virus making the rounds              
of which I believed I mostly was             
immune to by virtue of the facts              
( presented in no particular order ):              
I rarely        
leave the house              
socialize outside the Internet              
And if I do?              
I take recommended precautions              
With yet another grave to dig              
this week alone, I can safely say              
That's not quite true              
Nature does not discriminate            
---is no Angel of Death              
passing over your household                
because you invited God in              
and slathered the arches              
with lamb's blood or made              
sacrifice upon sacrifice              
One way or another              
bodies will pile up              
if she deems it necessary---              
matching you corpse for deed              
or whatever manipulation              
you feel the need for              
in order to insulate your                
sense of entitlements              
on this island in space              
That being said ...              
Get the fuck out of my face              
if you have nothing better to do              
than seed misleading information  
or conspiracy theory disseminate              
while griping and infecting
as you blatantly congregate              
because requests of wearing a mask                
violate whatever can easily be Googled  
within three hundred seconds              
sow as to derail conversation with              
partisan politics and religionism              
as par for the course             
You are going to feel the burn              
during this Earthwide    
wildfire cleansing              
in some fashion              
---no exemptions to the rule              
Be grateful of still having loved              
ones to cherish in your arms                
because whatever the route              
taken, Life finds a way              
Death never misses a beat              
---right behind on its heels              
as you are always              
in the very least, ONE              
STEP away from getting              
your ass kicked              
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Published | Edited 25th Aug 2020
Author's Note
If I'm not around much lately,
this is why
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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