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Brains and Beauty

The train made him late to the first lecture
Almost every seat in the auditorium was taken
But there was one right on the front row
So he walked down the isle quiet and unshaken
And then upon looking up at the stage
The lecturer gave him the warmest smile
She was stunning and impeccably dressed
She was engaging and her presentation had style
After a few sessions and a recess
He went over the agenda all the way through
He found her name and all her credits
And found out the beauty had a doctorate too
Throughout the week he constantly saw her
Usually surrounded by others in conversations
She was eloquent and cordial with everyone  
Interested in her expertise and consultation
On the last day of the conference
The attendees were treated to a night out
But instead he went to a nearby jazz club
Something he was very knowledgeable about
It was about fifteen minutes into the set
When he looked over as she was coming in
In jeans and white jacket looking smoking hot
With her hair down now drawing him in
She sat at a table a few feet away from him
Then the waiter brought her glass of wine
He took a sip of his scotch on the rocks
Then the music seemed to give them a sign
I’m Old Fashioned, the band started play
They both nodded at the same time
She spotted him and waved a friendly hello
As she took a sip of her red wine
That trumpet resonated through the room
A nostalgia of things that have yet to pass
A few times they caught each other’s glimpses
Enjoying the mood and the jazz
Deep into the set when the band took a break
She smiled at him and waved again
He walked over to her and greeted her
As the anticipation was about to begin
“It’s been a while since I’ve heard some Coltrane”
He said excited, his heart beating fast
“Yes, Blue Train is one my favorites” she said
“Have a seat” she added and this he wouldn’t pass
They introduced themselves and got to talking
“I’m sorry I showed up late” he said smiling
“That’s OK” she replied with that warm smile
As each exchange seemed beguiling
They spent a few hours listening and talking
They’re affinity for the music and the arts
With every glass their inhibitions dwindled
And their attraction was off the charts
They talked as they walked back to the hotel
But in the elevator, they shared a silence
“I don’t want you to think_” she broke it
He listened to her body language for guidance
“It’s OK” he interrupted tipsy and languid
“I’m glad I got to know you a little bit”
And as he was backing out the elevator door
For a second, she seemed to lose it
She lunges and wraps her arms around him
Her lips are soft with the taste of wine
Their bodies seem to fit so perfectly
Sending shivers up his spine
They rush to his room holding hands giggling
Kissing again before the door even closes  
His lips trace her neck delicately and swiftly
As her skin feels soft like petals and roses
“Touch me” she says whispering in his ear
As his hands grasp every curve her body
“Touch me” she repeats over and over again
As she transitions from demure to naughty
Their tongues dance with wild abandon
Their breaths almost synchronized are heavy
Her skin begins to tingle when his lips linger
Licking slowly and lowly until she is ready
“I want to taste you” he says lax and soft
“Please” she replies shivering unopposed
As he removes her jeans kissing her thighs
“Please, please” she says with eyes closed
She falls back on the bed as if diving into depths
Her legs spreading for him like paradise
The she watches him moving in slow and closer
As his mouth traces every inch of her inner thighs
She runs her fingers through his hair raising her hips
While he licks and laps in between her sweet flaps
Up and down her slit as her clit swells up a bit  
Her honey soaks his tongue all the while he faps
“I want you inside me” she mumbles breathlessly
So he moves up her body slowly to be on top
She kisses him tasting herself on his mouth
As her beauty almost makes his heart stop
He slides inside, she’s wet and aching  
She lets out a trembling moan full of delight
They kiss with a wanton that lasts forever
As he thrusts with swiftness and might
She groans and whimpers with pleasure
Her body underneath him begins to spasm
“Right there, right there” she says panting
Until she cums with the great orgasm
He collapses next to her in a complete a daze
Their bodies wet with sweat out of every pore
But she gets dressed and kisses him on the lips
Says goodnight and walks right out the door
Written by wallyroo92
Published | Edited 19th Aug 2020
Author's Note
For the Touch Me Baby comp
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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