Rumble young man; Ramble...

Pentroducing Lay deez nuts & mental men
The pencil PEN IS stencil thin
Champ Pee oN Of the w🌎rldddddddd
jOHn "the FLOWer" (Do(e)ugh)!..

AnD enD this corner weighing end ass
m.u.c.H Ass A ProstitutE
Exxxcept the cost;
bit fruit
Knowse flaring scowl
Swearing while wearing a vowel and a towel
Flossed fit; cute
Bo$$ $cript loot
Lost $hit; shoot!..
"Randy Mossed" it; brute
And Lee tossed writ root
Peep bull
People; evil Leethal
Gummm full
Rumble young bro rumble;;;;;;;Hear's sum
"foOD fORe thought"
Wear's my table manners..?
eYE LLeave word scramble in shamble like
Star 🌟 Spangle banners...
Strange souls bang whoLES Strangle banter;
Guilt built wALL; kicks fence;
Fix dense; Bics rinse mix; hence this six sense fore the love of pathetic prophetic scum flow
Fine llne sign mind butt fuck then pen upchuck
Poetic gumbo like kNew Orleans
Blue your jeans
Trust true shit
View store ScEnEs
Rust!.. Eww! Quit!..
Hue more greens
Dust brew; shit!..
Screw whore; queens
Clue grew chew glue
True your genes
Lust oooh; c(Lit
Grew; pour streams
Just dew it;
Shoe your teams
Gust flew spit
Blew more steams then win pen drew your dreams like Katrina
*show hurricane
Flow hurry reign
Answer deadlee ass cancer;
Piss pink
Rush two gush this ink
Butt know worry mayne
Ass eye amble
And drip crypt on this script like Word sCrAMblE..
Eye think ink alphabet souP EyE heard Campbell
End this chorus eye'm knot a Taurus;
Butt eye ram bull...
End a China shop;
Puke in nuke luke warm;
Butt eye'm kinda hot
Eye'M A Pot calling a kettle till eye find the top
Metal quill fly; wet flow feel sky;
$ign the dr.op
Wind the clock
Lee limber write hand relevant;
What reverend meant
Remember like an elephant; butt heaven scent
Dumb soul write mumbo jumbo like Dumbo
(3(ring) circus width SEvEn TENt
Work; plus lent
Kevin hint
Know HeART
Show art
Flow chart
kNOW soul food fore thought
Just crust crumble crumb flow
My enemies energies
Mumble tongue slow
Bumble stung;
Float like the Tidy Bowl
Bite Lee scroll
Eye'm a mighty soul
Shit!.. ThiS HHHHumble dung 💩 bro
Butt don't tale knowbody
Two late sew God me;
Soooo GodLee the chapter after eye fumble
Ass eye rant like Bryant
Capture eye Gumble
Just blessed;
Must cough; dust myself off
Caught up end the rapture;
Wh[Y?] §tumble????????
I due backflips on black scripts like

*write gymnastics

If quills could kill 💀 this >>> [🖊 ]pen caskets
My mind like a Sponge-Bob fore apples like chum though...
Win id cums two getting "Gum Blow"
eye'm gung ho(e)
Sew rhyme brung flow
Two chime rung; whoa!..
The chapter after rapture eyES CAPturE
Dayum soul of damsel end distress...
What eye quote then pen wrote is sew doPE Eye need this piss test..
eYE Am positive+
Peep deep secrets peeps keep hid like closet lives
Write pause skit; gives
Right paws hit; shivs
Sight awes wit lids

Leethal EGO fight flaws big k(id)s
My Bic yal show more signals than lungs blow
My black skeets lust white sheets like jungle...
Critics; Bungholes pic Bic two cum troll
eye impregnate pen lead weight;

*See tum swole?.!

Wheel my Bic dR.I.P. slip or quit???
Umm; NO!!!
HeaR IS Key rhyme penning eye'm sending;
DrummM RoLLLLL!..

L€€thal 8-4-2020

Thank you BlackWolf for your in(K)spiration
Poem response to; "Rumble Mumble Bumble Crumble"
Written by Leethal (Lee Melvin Jr.)
Author's Note
Poem response to Black Wolf's; "Rumble Mumble Bumble Crumble"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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The author encourages honest critique.

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