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Bleed (Straight Talk Live)

Love, respect, honor, is the root of the universe    
Menís kindred spirits saturating his sacred seeds of life in the bed of Mother Earth †  
The land of ancient rites of his passage he bestows †  
Bequeathing the beautiful expansion of crowned Kings, Queens †  
To the throne of grace, his reverence speaks of his greatness †  
We kneel, bowing our heads in the benediction of unity †  
Chanting to a higher calling to bestow, truth, justice, peace †  
† †
Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum †  
Galloping through our veins †  
Yet, we claim power, uplifting to the madness † †
Falsified insignias we parade in hindsight † †
Glorifying, gloating of self-righteous power, privilege, and hindrance of one another †  
† †
Are we not the same when the lights go out † †  
I hear you cry out, yet, I cannot see your fears †  
I reach out for you in comfort †  
Darkness shrouds my way †  
We are not of our Creatorís shame, we are the same †  
† †
The womb, the cradle, the suckle, the crawl in the beginning of life †  
Common necessities of survival we share †  
We all wobble to stand in this world, our identity defines our stance, once erected † †  
It gives us our Strawmanís marking for the progression of our wayward footsteps †  
† †
Segregated in the minds by tones, dialects, cultures †  
Only do we humble in daily strife, as we all befall to grief, as a whole † †
An ungodly intellect speaks in the dark what an ugly heart refuses to surrender in the light †  
† †
You may censor me of my free will with agitated words, bind my presence†with unorthodox deeds †  
However, never, the power of anyone's life force that blinds their hearts seeking truth, covers their eyes in disparity , and restrain their hands from need †  
For which we all bleed, let my soul uprise for the past seepage in the fields of swaltering labor †  
† †
I am the corporation of my soul that embodies my minds, gives credence to my heart, and passion to my oral dialect †  
When you walk pass me, do not shudder, tremble, or turn away †  
By the chance of fate, it could my blood that pumps through your veins †  
Extending your life, your lineage as I bleed for you †  
† †
† †
This thoughtful inspiration came upon me when I had my nursing staff, and doctors donate blood today, as I sat there, intently watching my commodity centrifuge I wondered where my donated pints of blood would end up and within whom. †  
† †
United We Stand, Divided We Fall † †
† †
I am in the midst of gathering pertinent information about my Strawmanís Account Piece. Measuring out the bureaucratic ways to see if you can really emancipate your person from the dividends of the government and be your own individualized corporation, whereas, you get paid, and become exempts from paying taxes. Be advised that number on the back of your birth certificate is only a rhetorical trade-off for government purpose, who utilizes your person, as a borrowing and trading tool. † †
† †
From the information, Iíve gathered this far, it is much deeper than what meet the eyes.. and very confusing in the beginning †  
† †
Be safe and vigilant my friends †  
† †
Now thatís Straight Talk Live For You †  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 18th May 2023
Author's Note
My words speak for my truth

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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