Hounds of Love

Hounds of love by Kate Bush

Running up that hill

When I see you again,
Will you meet me halfway
It might be true, what you used to say
We are more strangers to our younger selves
Than to who the other is today

Hounds of Love

I often miss the old country house
With that little creek where wild things grow
You used to race me to the swimming hole
But that was forever ago
Oh, how Iíd like to be there now!

The Big Sky

Nothing could ruin my mood today
Looking all around me as I skip and play
I notice little miracles as I jiggle my front tooth
Each tiny ant and leaf drawing circles back
To unanswered questions from my youth

Mother Stands For Comfort

Oh great, here it comes
My least favorite game
20 questions about who I was with
Just where on earth have I been
Yea, I know, I love you too


When my mind wanders from my work
I follow faded pink carpet to my grandparentís house
And the impressions left in my mind
At the ages of 5 and 9
Too young to understand, too old to ever forget

And Dream of Sheep

Faded pink carpet leads up a grand staircase
That Iím not sure ever existed
But if I climb to the top
Suddenly Iím in grandmaís study
I smell cigarettes and tomato juice. But no one is home.

Under Ice

Itís dark and Iím alone and the front door
Is wide open, wind blowing in from the cold night
I know I have to leave, but where to go?
I think of the safest place I know - our church
The boogey man emerges! He chases me out into the street

Waking the Witch

As I reach the church gates
The sun is coming up
The boogey man slows his pace
we stand in place, just staring at each other
At least I think he is staring back. He has no face.

Watching You Without Me

I often wonder what youíd think
If you could see me now
But I take comfort in thinking of how
When someone that you love departs
Theyíre never gone. Theyíre in your heart.

Jig of Life

You are more connected to your ancestors
Than you will ever know
The roots of those before you are buried in your soul
Even now you are a living, breathing testament
To all their joys and sorrows

Hello Earth

Do you remember when the world stood still?
I was 10 living in Brooklyn. My mother drove us home from class.
I came home to my father watching the news in silent terror
When the twin towers fell, heroes from all walks of life rose to the task
But where are those heroes now? Just thought Iíd ask.

Morning Fog

There has been a mass awakening
But some still slumber deep
Take a look around
At the company you keep
Learn. Heal. Repeat.
Written by TCLilly (Tanzen Lilly)
Author's Note
Written for sgt. pepper's hunky dory yellow brick road / poems inspired by your favorite album competition. The album I chose is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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