Half Begun Never Done

I have WAY too many saved poem drafts!  

Theyíre all crap.
Well, parts of them are crap. †
The other parts are drivel.  

Can I create a clever poem from all the bits and pieces?  
Maybe, but I wonít. †

I canít remember why I started half of them.  
The other half I canít think of a reason to finish.  
The third half have no middle!
Blank spots waiting for words that never materialized. †  

They all have a common theme. Broken, sad, angry, mad. †
Just substitute pronoun of choice. †
Blah blah fuckety blah. Submit.  

Iíd like to try adding some pictures like a bunch of the other poets. †

Itíll never happen.  
I just spent 45 minutes trying to paste one in to no avail.  

Commaís, semicolonís, dashes, dots.
I donít know where these things actually go! †

My twelfth grade English teacher said put commaís where youíd take a breath when speaking.  
Fat lot of good that did me!  
I speak quickly and donít breathe. †

Could this be a full on writerís block Iíve read so much about?  

Is this poetry?
I donít know.    
I was a music major.
Written by Honoria
Published | Edited 28th Aug 2020
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