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Hot New York Night :  An Erotic Short Story

They hadn't taken a vacation together for a long time. They had traveled to several family-friendly locations over the years with their children, but they hadn't had even a weekend away, just for themselves, in almost 10 years.

 She was the one who usually got the travel bug. She often took it upon herself to plan their family adventures, whether it be to roller coasters or mountain ranges, national parks or theme parks.  But rarely had they planned a trip for just the two of them.  

They loved traveling with their boys, but they were both excited about the possibility of having an "adult" trip to enjoy.  That's why she was particularly excited when he won a bonus in a sales contest at work and had elected to take the trip for two to New York City.

They were almost giddy as they walked down the jet way towards the plane in Chicago.  Earlier in the morning they dropped off the kids at their auntie's house for the weekend and now, with all the packing and planning behind them, they were thrilled to get started on their journey to the city that doesn't sleep!

 As the plane rumbled down the runway and took to the air, he could see her smiling as she leaned to look out the window at the ground below.  He loved to see her happy and he extended his hand to grasp hers as they flew sharply into the air.  He sighed as he thought about how spectacular she looked at this moment.

 To him, there was no end to her beauty.  Her green eyes beautifully illuminated her soft facial features. As she looked away, he could not help but let his gaze travel slowly over her beautiful face and down her slender neck to look at the single pearl she wore at the end of her gold necklace.  It gently dangled there amid the cotton collar of her V-neck blouse.  It accentuated her elegant neck and redirected his gaze towards the sloping contours where her neck became her breast.  He loved her.  And after over 20 years together, every inch of his lover's body still excited him.

As they flew, they dozed together under a warm blanket, drifting to sleep with her head resting on his shoulder and his mind dreaming of when he could be alone with her.  

They arrived at the hotel well rested, which for them was important.  When they travelled together, they did so at a brisk pace, trying to fit in as many experiences as possible during their short stay in the city.   They hurriedly checked into their room and wasted no time in donning their shorts and t-shirts to hit the tourist trail running.   Within thirty minutes of jumping into a taxi cab, they arrived in lower Manhattan to begin exploring the sights.  

First on the list was a trip to the Statue of Liberty.  Many friends had suggested that they just skip this attraction all together --"just view the statue from the shore" they had said. But the couple agreed this was a site they wanted to take in as closely as possible.  That's what made traveling together so fun and special for them. They were like-minded in the places they wanted to see and the things they wanted to do.  They loved being inside the famous landmark and visiting nearby Ellis Island and learning about its history.  

 On their way back from the island, he chanced to put his arm around her.  They were not prone to even modest public displays of affection, but he was overcome with a strong desire to touch her.   His long fingers stretched secretly beneath her collar and rested briefly under the delicate satin strap of her bra.    Gently, he massaged her shoulder for a moment or two.    She stretched her neck a bit, enjoying the touch of his hand on her skin.  But this sort of physicality made her nervous.  She smiled warmly and, looking into his eyes, she whispered “not now....” and then gently grasped his retreating hand.  She interlaced his fingers within her own and then reached across with her other hand to playfully tickle his arm.  "Later..." she said even more quietly than before.    He felt comforted by her simple words and tender touch.  A quiet, romantic feeling surrounded them both.

This feeling continued as they returned to their hotel room.  Although he longed to immediately take her into his arms, he knew in his heart that he must be patient.   It was time for them to get ready for one of the highlights of their trip. They were both excited to have made dinner reservations at an elegant restaurant and had purchased tickets to a new Broadway show at the theater across the street from the restaurant.  

 As he showered, he hoped that she might enter the bathroom and step into the warm stream with him.   The thought of bathing together made him hard and excited.   He listened closely, and heard her busily working with their luggage and beginning to get herself ready for their night on the town.  Embarrassed, he hid his erection beneath his bath towel as he stepped from the shower, out of the bathroom and into the suit and tie combination she had selected for him a day earlier.

 Undeterred, he then wondered if he might steal a glance at her beautifully naked body through the foggy glass as she showered.  But she had quickly scurried into the room behind him and locked herself within, forcing him to merely imagine the sight and feeling of warm water cascading down her feminine features.   Be patient, he thought.  

 She remained inside the bathroom for what to him seemed like an eternity.  He could hear both the sound of her splashing in a shallow tub and then the sound of water raining down from the shower head above.  He alternated between sitting on the small love seat near the king-size bed and pacing the floor of their room as she meticulously prepared for their night together;  perfecting her hair, body, make-up and jewelry.

 When she finally emerged, just minutes before they needed to depart, he was stunned.  Never had he seen her more ravishing than she did tonight...never sexier, never more alluring!  Holy shit!  (He almost said it out loud.).  

 "You look very nice," he said politely as the blood rushed to his groin, he covered it with his folded hands.  "Wow!"  She returned a smile.

 Sometime in the last few weeks, she had apparently gone out and bought herself a new dress to wear on this special night.  It was a stunning dress that seemed surprisingly familiar to him, but he couldn't place it.  

 The bodice was of velvety black and exposed her alluring neck line.  And what surprised him more was how, unlike anything she had ever worn before, the neck line cut from just inside each shoulder in a v-pattern that tapered tightly and tastefully to the delicate chest bone between her petite, tight breasts.

 The skirt was a billowing white fabric with small black vines stitched along the top.   It stretched the length of her slender legs to just above her shiny black heels.   The ensemble was accented by a small string of white pearls around both her neck and left wrist, plus a set of matching pearl earrings.  

 Where have I seen this before?  He thought. She looks like a movie star!   Then it came to him. That's it!   The dress was practically identical to the dress worn by Grace Kelly in the movie “Rear Window.”  They had watched the movie many times together and he always loved the sexy scene in which Lisa Fremont first enters L.B. Jeffries' apartment.  Grace Kelly wore that dress and kissed Jimmy Stewart as he slept.  It was a long, slow, passionate kiss that revealed her character's love for her man.  Lisa adored Jeff, even though he wasn't even close to being in her league.   Simply seeing his wife in the same stylish dress in the privacy of their hotel room made him feel loved in a way he had never felt before.  He became flustered.     Where did she find this dress? he wondered.

 He stood there in amazement of the movie star-like beauty she had achieved and wondered if he had any hope of concentrating on their elegant dinner or the show to follow.  Somehow, he managed to help her gather their belongings and head into the warm summer air of New York City.  

 What a start to this trip, he thought to himself as they settled into their ride to dinner.

                                                               Part 2

 As the couple was escorted to their table by the Maitre'd , they could both sense heads turning and eyes of the other restaurant guests focusing on her as they walked through the room.

 Knowing that she’d be nervous with all of the attention, he was relieved when they were escorted to a small half-moon shaped table in the rear of the dining room. It was surprisingly private.  They could hardly hear the sounds of other guests dining at the tables around the corners of their booth.  The privacy made their meal-time even more splendid. They sat and talked about their day, the sights which they had seen, and their plans for the following day.  They playfully chatted about where their next vacation with the kids should be, and wondered what their boys were doing at that moment; probably eating pizza and watching a movie they thought.  

 Their meals arrived, and it was spectacular!  She enjoyed a perfectly prepared fillet with delicious potatoes while he had large sea scallops with rice.  It was all perfectly paired with the bottle of white wine they had ordered.  It was deliciously sweet and by the time they had finished the bottle together, it had given them both that special tingling feeling all over their bodies.  She looked at him with love in her eyes and his heart swooned at the look on her face and of course--that dress!

 Their walk along Broadway took only moments as they strolled across the street under the bright lights of the large marquee outside the theater.  Once inside, they enjoyed another glass of wine in the bustling lobby before heading to their main floor seats.  He looked around the room at all the "important people" and felt so fortunate to be seen with the most beautiful woman in the room.  The lyrics of the song "Lady in Red" came to his mind as they settled into their seats.  He grinned as he mentally changed the chorus to "lady in black."  "I can't believe she's with me" he thought.

 The house lights lowered and the play began.  She was not a lover of the stage but she clearly enjoyed this story.  It was set in 19th century England and was about a woman and man who fall in love despite the many obstacles between them.   In the second act, the lovers dance together and she loved the romance of it all--the stunning costumes, the physical spark between the couple, and the wonderful music; not to mention the handsome leading man.   The kiss the protagonists shared as the final curtain came down sent a passionate feeling through her body.   She reached out to hold her husband's hand and gave him a reassuring smile, as if to say: "soon my love."  

 They walked back towards the lobby hand in hand, still smiling.  She excused herself to the restroom and so he took the opportunity to do the same.  As he washed his hands he hoped she was as excited as he was.  He waited for her outside of the restroom and when she finally emerged he noticed that she had refreshed her lipstick.  Her lips were red wet and shiny.  It was all that it took to fully ignite his passion for her.

 They waited in the crowded cab line silently, hoping to beat the rain which appeared to be headed their way.   She stood facing him, with her back to the crowd, close enough for her to smell the subtle scent of his cologne and for him to enjoy the arousing aroma of the lotion she wore on her face neck and chest.  The fingers of her left hand cupped his right hand and pulled him closer so she could say something secretly into his left ear.  "This is a long line, I'm glad it's warm outside" she spoke.  He felt confused as to why such a statement would have been said secretly until the true reason for her drawing him inward became clear.  As she whispered, she turned her body to block the view of the crowd and subtly slipped the fingers of her right hand into his left hand pocket, rubbing the back of her fingers up and down along his already excited manhood.  And with her thumb, she probed near his belt to find the tip of his shaft and she gently pressed there, until removing her hands all together and turning away from him, again facing the line stretched in front of them.  Her secretive, bold, and erotic act had made him delirious with excitement.

Soon, their turn for a cab arrived and they jumped into the backseat on their way back to their hotel.  He wanted to make love to her, there in the backseat of that taxi; he had to fight the temptation to touch her at that moment in full view of the driver.

It began to rain just as the cab pulled to a stop in front of the awning of their hotel. He exited first and extended his hand to assist her out of the rear seat.  For just the slightest moment, he had the good fortune to privately view her slender neck and breathtaking cleavage as she leaned forward to step out of the car.  He became almost week in the knees. It was like witnessing a movie star stepping out of a limousine.

 He anxiously pulled the room key card from his breast pocket as they walked towards the elevator. He did not want to waste even a moment together in the hallway; he needed to have her right now.

 He considered pulling her to his chest right there in the corner of the elevator, but just as the doors were about to close, a hotel bellman scurried in to elevator with them and selected a floor a few levels higher that their own.   It was the longest elevator journey of his life!

                                                           Part 3

 At last they arrived in their hotel room.  Although the light switch remained off, the room was partially illuminated by the bright lights of the city seeping through the sheer curtains along the far wall.   They said nothing to each other at first.  As they kicked off their shoes, the sound of the intensifying rain slapped against the windows and replaced the silence.

 Standing there, face to face, he closed the distance between until feeling the fabric of her bodice brush against his suit coat.  Pressing her open mouth near his ear, she leaned deeper against his chest and face, and allowed the barely audible words “Take me" to escape her parted lips.  

 Blood continued to rush to his groin.   Upon hearing the passionate cue from his lover, he quickly extended his right hand towards her radiant face and tilted her chin upward to meet his lips.  He kissed her. Again he kissed her-opening his lips slightly to welcome her lower lip just barely into his mouth.

 Without releasing her mouth, she placed her palms against his chest and swiftly pressed upward towards his shoulders to release his suit coat, lowering it toward the floor. As the jacket fell, he grabbed her left hand and began gently kissing her fingers, the soft palm of her hand, and he probed around her bracelet to kiss her wrist.   With her right hand, she tugged at the knot of his silky tie until it too was released to the floor beneath them.

He spun her body around so that her back was now facing him and he escorted her closer to the window where they could almost feel the lights of the city seeping through the sheers.   The rain continued to fall as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lowered his chin to kiss her delicate neck.    As he slowly maneuvered his lips around her warm skin, his traveling fingers located the tiny black zipper near the middle of her back.  

 His lips continued to move over her quivering skin as he slowly and gently lowered the zipper beyond the small if her back and through the upper portion of her white skirt.   She instinctively rolled her shoulders forward, allowing the entire dress to easily fall off her shoulders, down her arms, and beyond her trembling knees--revealing that she wore a strapless bustier made of a black satin and lace.   She matched it with a pair of low rise, black-lace panties that fit snugly beneath her navel between the delicate bones of her pelvis.  He didn't think it possible to feel more aroused, but seeing her in the exquisitely sexy ensemble made him rock hard and as ready as ever to make love to her.

 She turned to face him.  Her skin was becoming hot and flush and her chest firm in anticipation of his touch.   He reached with a single finger of his right hand down the dark valley between her breasts, behind the small lace flower that drew his eyes again to her supple cleavage.  He gently tugged at the tight bustier, and then began tracing her softest skin beneath its seam, across her round breast until reaching her arm.   He repeated the action with his left hand and traced the same slow, erotic path beneath the fabric protecting the skin of her other breast.  She breathed deeply, feeling the sensual feeling radiate from her chest to between her legs.

 He could hear her breathing begin to intensify and felt his own heart racing as he touched her.  At that moment, she placed her hands on his chest and steadied herself as she descended to her knees in front of him. Once there, she opened his leather belt and meticulously unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper, helping him to step out of his dress pants.  As she did this, he hurriedly unbuttoned the top portion of his shirt before taking it off over his head in one swift move.  

A faint flash of lightening and a distant clap of thunder entered the room as she raised her hands to grasp the waistband of his satin boxers.  His underwear failed to conceal his pronounced erection.  She removed them, releasing his shaft and scrotum before her.   It was then that she discovered he had shaved them almost completely for her, hoping that being smooth and clean, with no hair except for a narrow trail below his navel, would entice her to privately explore with her fingers and mouth.

It did.  She extended her right hand and gently cupped the surprisingly smooth flesh which descended beneath his shaft.  With two fingers she explored even more delicately the hidden skin between his legs.

 Meanwhile she wrapped the thumb and forefinger of her left hand around the base of his penis and positioned the tip near her parted lips.  She took him in, slowly and shallowly, gliding the wet edge of her tongue and lips along the ridge where his shaft met his swollen tip.   He was lost inside the pleasure, rocking back and forth within the generous warmth of her loving mouth.  She could feel his pleasure grow as each moment passed.

 But then she paused, looked up and met his hungry eyes, “I have a surprise for you" she whispered.  She placed her hands on the small love seat which sat just behind her and rose to sit on the edge of its cushion.  Tipping backwards until her shoulders came to rest on the back cushion, she raised her legs in the air and used her thumbs to push her panties up her extended legs, past her ankles and tossed them aside.    She held her legs in the air for a moment, crossed at the ankles.   He shook at his very first sight of the surprise she had for him.  She had also completely shaved her vagina, bare and smooth, beginning at her belly button, down the length of her now separated labia and beneath to her rear.  

 He became uncoiled!   Immediately he dropped to his knees to return the pleasure she had lovingly shared with him.  He opened his mouth and lowered it to completely surround her wet pussy.  He traced round and round with his tongue and she writhed in delight, grinding upwards to feel the pressure and pleasure of his ravenous lips and chin against her roaring clitoris!  

"I'm so ready for you!" she said through her rapid breathing, but too quietly for him to hear.  He was relentless in his kissing and sucking of the naked skin she had offered to him--it was his singular focus.

 "In!....IN!" She begged him, a bit louder, but still merely a whisper.   This time, he heard her passionate plea and he longed to satisfy her quickly.  

 Reaching behind her back, he pulled her toward his chest.  She accommodated him by tightly wrapping her arms and legs around his body as he lifted her off the love seat. He pivoted to the left, swinging around and walking just a few steps to their bed in the middle of the room.  They flopped down together in a hot embrace and he placed his knees beneath hers, pushing them apart as he crawled fully onto the mattress and positioned himself over her. With his hands still behind her back, he used his fingers to pull apart the clasps of her bustier, pulling it from behind her and quickly discarding it onto the love seat.  

 He slid the tip of his wet penis against the slippery wet lips of her seductive clit and moved his hip backwards and down until the tip of his blade came to rest at the bottom of her opening where she dripped with pleasure.  

 Her eyes called to him again and he answered by immediately sliding within her.  He pressed deeply inside, until base of his shaft was surrounded by the lips of her pink vagina.   She pressed her heels into the bed to firmly push her clitoris against the hardness of his pelvis.  She grasped his chest, tightly holding him there in order to steady herself as she moved repeatedly up and down.  She repeated the motion again and again and the motion drove them both wild.   They remained joined together and in motion for several glorious minutes, alternating the speed with which they stimulated each other.  

 Looking him in the eyes, she raised her shoulders off the bed and pushed him to her left, rolling her hips to keep him inside as she did so.  He too rolled onto his back against the mattress, allowing her to take a position straddling him.  He lowered his legs as she placed her hands on the bed next to his head; they continued to work his shaft up and down within her wet walls.  

Placing his hands on her waist, he raised his head and reached his open mouth toward her hardened nipples, beginning on his left.   He drew it deeply into his warm mouth, fully extending his tongue to widely circle the areola with the soft center and underside of his tongue.   She exhaled a faint groan as he slowly prolonged his exploration, until releasing her now even harder red flesh.   He covered her tight tits with tiny kisses as he traveled a familiar path to the right, repeating his pleasure-giving by taking her other nipple into his loving mouth in the same manner.  

 Outside, the rain came harder and louder against the window of their room as she continued her rapid movement--up and down his shaft.   Their bodies were flaming with passion directed towards each other!  He dropped his head to the bed as she intensified her movement--rapid fire in and out movement.  He could hear the rattling of her necklace and bracelet until a clap of thunder burst outside their window and the rain came down with increasing intensity.   During the storm's roar, he slapped his hands hard against the flesh of her rear and thrust upward, pressing her firmly against his groin as he came!   Again he pushed upward; his ejaculation coming in three uncontrollable thrusts until he had released himself completely within her.

 She had felt his penis intensely contracting within her.   Her eyes closed tightly and she arched her back, flinching as her own orgasm swept over her in wave after wave of intense pleasure.  She stuttered a few breathy words through her lips: "k....keep going, oh--don't stop!"   He continued to hold firmly with his hands on her bottom and again pushed upwards against her clit until she lost control.  Her body seized and shook around him as the wave of passion enveloped her. As she climaxed, she fell atop of him…tired and weak…sweaty and breathing heavily.  

 He placed his hands on her hips but she squirmed and pushed him away from her over-excited skin.  "Don't move" she whispered, trying to regain her breath.  She lay on top of him, motionless for several minutes, remaining there until his erection slowly retreated from within her  They were now too exhausted to move, so they listened to each other breathing, and to the rain outside which was beginning to subside to a mere sprinkle.  

 She lifted her head and rolled onto her back as he turned onto his side, his arm still around her.  He glanced around their room and was able to retrace the scattered steps taken over the last few minutes…shoes just inside the door…his suit coat a few steps away…her dress and his clothes near the window,  her bustier and panties on the love seat…their naked bodies upon the bed.     He had never had such a satisfying experience with his wife.

 The entire day was one he’d remember forever…the coziness of the flight, the physical excitement they felt while sightseeing, being together at the restaurant and theater…the sexy secret they shared in the cab line, and finally the glorious way in which they privately joined their passionate bodies.      He wondered if Lisa Fremont and L.B. Jeffries had ever allowed themselves to experience the same level of passion in their own New York City bedroom.   He wondered if his wife would cherish the memory of this day in the same way he knew he would.  He wondered what tomorrow would bring.        

 He turned and lowered his head down upon her soft chest.   She was already drifting to sleep to the sound of the dripping rain; with jewelry still on and a faint smile on her face   He lay there in silence, smiling contently and slowly stroking the hair behind her ear, savoring every last moment of this night together in the city.
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