BOOK OF WORDS -sequence chapter 1, chapter 2

Chapter 1) It begins (second part)  

They are called “Clan of Nor” and wear the history of a peninsula of fjords upon their skin. Fiercely built and slightly larger. Chalky ashen is their furry mantle in which many a secret is kept. Each time I touch the Main Leading Wolves fur I am filled with pine needle dreams , forest dances in their eyes.Many a myth they tell me.  They came from the OLd World far , long ago before existence of any written history. Before mankand named them Wolf.  

Varg, Evening Wolf- who is the main Leader, he tells me stories. His heart is so kind, it weighs but a feather and deepens like midnight sun. Varg, Evening Wolf smiles his ivory teeth as he explains to me all star constelations. A firnament of light gathers to intensify, then fade, fade, then intensify. “It is them that guided us” Speaks Evening Wolf in a voice delvin into my pelvis, slithering over my spine, enchanting my soul as he speaks. “Stars are not dead as some humans will make you believe, stars are signposts, our nadir, counterpoint . We have no maps in our  animal kingdom. We have yet to make our atlas though there were some which we have crowned our anscestors. Those who acknowledged us have made us into deities, into gods, into feral beasts. It was said Fennir killed Odin, though he speaks to us through starlight formations anointing them with gratitude and forgiveness. We are dreams, we are seeking suns and icons of war. We are keepers of sacred wisdom for we are the bones of mankind, kindred flames in half light”.  
He puts his giant paw upon my shoulder to comfort me. Sleeps by my side to protect me. I hear his heart beating for human kindness. There is music in his heartbeat as we lay neath nocturnal skies. The other wolves grouped out in the fields. Each one of them has their own task and their presence becomes one with silhouetted night. I hear their Wolf language and sonar callings. Though I am of human blood so I cannot pick up the subtle signals. Their ears widen and soften as they register all around. Even in their sleep they would capture dewdrops falling. They would capture leaves crumble into dust. Signaling also to eachother with gestures, their nose upward to taste the psyche of silence. Smelling each possible danger, each possible good, knowing each intent. Far beyond marble distance.  
Chapter two, nightly lessons  
In sleep, I journey  through the world's navel string. From Middle World to Upper World to meet Allfather. He rides his eight legged horse . His silver staff bears a six leaf wildflower. He has many different names though the most common, he says is Odin. It seems he has been calling my name for a while now. I see his horse in galop over a long outstretched dry path. Sometimes the image becomes static and seems like they are flying. Over the path and on their way to a forest so green that it seems all colours of green are blending into one. Beautiful pine trees stand fierce amongst tall birches. They bend their branches as Odin rides his horse. I walk amongst the trees, sliding my handpalms against their bark. Blessing their leaves, admiring each one of them .  
As the horse runs, so do I, I run through outstretched forestland. Over mossed dried out streams. Following Odin, his voice plays a harpiy sound. Small flocks of birds fly in and between me and the trees. They cry out from scattered cloud decks. Some clouds remind of swirling fishes. Forest greets me in all splendour. Scents open my pores and all that I have kept inside gently frees itself. I see it vaporise in a hazed glistening aura that falls upon all.  
I hear Odin's voice from a place further. “Come, my child, meet at the World Tree”. His voice echoes into me. I embrak my journey further. My dress full of silvan secrets which I gladly anoint myself with. When I reach him he is sitting under a giant Oak tree. It is the largest of Oak trees I have every layed my eyes on. A ray of light filters the leaves and rusty light falls as I come running towards it. Odin laughs at the sight of me. “ Look at you, Id swear you be a TreeElve with all that dirt from soil and leaves hanging around you”. He helps me clean myself, takes my hand. For a moment our eyes meet and into the darbrown irises. The become portals as I sink into their sockets. Across a deep ach within to a brighter space.  
I sit beside him as he makes a small fire of different kinds of leaves and some twigs. I hear the sparkling sizzle of the wood. Smelling sage and nighthade. “Worry not for it is not the deadly nightshade” he says. “Do not fear nature, for fear is the road to courage”. He wavers his hands over the fire moving them through the smoke of the fire”. He speaks briefly about the nine worlds sharing his insights. He says he knew my father and once, at birth I was raised by a Black Elve named Alva. She is my rightfull mother and when Odin, Vilje and Ve created the nine worlds. It was decided they would name me Earthen. As I would serve to be a helper of the Clan of Nor. “Go now into the light, Go and be a Wilderness Woman” he says softly but firmly as once more the green of his eyes mingles with his dark irises. A bleak sun awakens me shining into my face. I awake on the fields with the SilverWolves. Varg-Evening Wolf_ has joined the clan for dawngathering. I hear them yelp in high fleeting frequencies, almost like they are singing.  
I decide to go for a short stroll and walk towards the lake, a narrow path orbitting into others. I sit down in the high grass and rest. The sun strokes my arms and I breathe in the day. A ladybug tickles my skin. I watch it crawl . For a while it stays with me then chooses a slight blooming type of grass. I thank the ladybug for showing me it's humble beauty returning to the fields.  
Written by RiAN
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