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Not racist

High risk.  

You act like a hazardous virus.
A case of nuclear waste, not enough of a human to earn your space in this world till the end of days.  

No-one cheers for an unfinished race...  

Youíre lucky iím not racist... †
Youíre lucky you canít raise fists, or raise above your race and take control of this circus.  

You think we like this? †
Never ending crowd control because you think youíre somewhat powerful? †
We hate this.  

How can we be racist if you fail to act like a race first?  
This chase hurts. †
You make our families doubt us when you get kicked to the curb face first.  

You should be grateful. Forget about pride and belief. You sound hateful.  
Hate is a fuel you canít handle. †
Just pretending youíre not around is a crime. Such a handful.  

My dad says youíre all the same. Not the same as us mind you. †
More like an alien race mucking up earthís face. Such a filthy aftertaste. †
I hate you in uncountable ways.  

Why does my skin speak to you? Why is the colour such a freak to you?  

Youíre lucky weíre not racist..  

Why did god make you seem human? †
I donít like our similarities or the way i talk the same like you man.  

Shut it! Youíre confusing me! †
Stop trying to make sense! Youíre not what you seem. Youíre disgusting!  


Last night i cried. †
Thereís no way my parents would lie to me or even try to be racist right?  
What if they might? What if they already did Ray?  

What is being racist anyway? †
Why did mom and dad hit me instead of just explain?  

I think iím sorry Ray. †
I think i donít see weíre different in any way. So letís play outside today.  

What do you mean ďno wayĒ? †
Your parents donít want us to play together you say?  
Why is that Ray? †
Why donít they let us be kids and play?  
They donít think we match? They think weíre a risk?!  

Oh right... i bet your parents are fucking racists.
Written by Drieks
Published | Edited 31st Aug 2020
Author's Note
We live in a time where people who fail to understand racism are just as dangerous as racists themselves.
Racism arises through lack of education. Bad parenting is no parenting.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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