Living with a ghost?

This may all sound like bull shit but it is true I promise you.

So my parents own a old house, it was built in the 1800ís, and we have lived here since my little bother was born so itís been 23 years so far. †
Anyways ever since I can remember my siblings and I ( there and 5 of us) have always thought the house was creepy, it creeked and cracked day and night, and you always felt like their was some one watching you even when it was just you in the room. †
You could see things out of the corner of your eyes in every room (it wasnít just confined to one area.) since there are so many of us we had to share rooms so there was always the safety in numbers sort of feeling. When my oldest siblings moved out and went to college, I got my own room it was above our fire place and it had a heat vent that would warm the entire room when the fire was lit.( It was my parents room before mine. )  
 It is a normal sized Room with sloped ceilings on both sides with the tallest point being in the middle, so it you werenít carful you would hit your head on the popcorn ceiling and that really hurt. †
On one wall there was a attic door, it was a small door that †opened up to a full sized room above our kitchen thats where a bunch of junk was stored.
 It had a swiveling latch that I always checked to make sure was in the locked position because it creeped me out so much.
(I lived in that room for at least a decade until I moved out the first time.)  
†In that time there were dark shadows that were present at night that would seem to walk about the room and look over me as I pretended to sleep. numerous times I would feel the covers on my bed next to me depress like they would when someone was sitting down the the bed, the shadow liked to watch me sleep a lot. When this fist started happening I was scared of it ,obviously because I was still a kid, But in my teenage years I didnít †have many friends And I spent most of my time by myself in my room and often talk to myself not in a mentally unwell kind of way I think I just was keeping myself company. Now that I think back the shadow might of thought I was talking to them. †
I treated the black shadow with respect because I didnít know what itís intentions were for always being around. I would ask it politely to leave me alone and it would for a couple of days but it ways came back. Now letís skip to when I had to move back into my parents home after 2 years of being away from there. †
I now have 2 little girls we all sleep in the same room down the hall from my old bedroom. Every now and then I see the shadow standing in my room looking at me laying In bed (sometimes Iím not even asleep just messing with my phone.) I did my best to ignore it until I had to get up to go to the bathroom. When I got out of Bed I looked straight at it as It stood in the middle of the room in my way of the door. I go to walk passed it and out the door but it side steps in front of me and I run into it. It felt almost like I bumped into a actual living person, I could feel an arm a shoulder and even a chest but I knew better I could see threw this Darker mass to my door.  
†I calm my racing heart and I say out loud. ď oh, Iím sorryĒ and I quickly walk out the door. I hurriedly use the bathroom and I return to the room I open the door and I know/ feel the shadow is still there somewhere but I pretend like nothing happened hoping it will go away for the night. †
I check on my girls most nights to make it clear to the shadow not to mess with my babies and I got the girls a stuffed animal that I told them will watch over them at night and scare away any bad monsters. if they have a nightmare Iíll give them the stuffed animal and remind them ď donít worry, Oscar is on patrol tonight your safeĒ †  
So far this has worked to keep whatever it is away, I will always be respectful of the dead no matter what, but donít touch my girls.
Written by Scarybutnotscared
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