... at least we have it in poetry  (Collab with DevilsChild)

The evening sky was splattered
with soft strokes of pastel hues
when my eyes fell on your poetic spill
flowing across the
luminescent screen,
carrying me along with their whispers
of desire and yearning
mesmerising metaphors, exotic imageries
caught me in your quill
With each verse I descended deeper
and deeper
into your being
Set in a trance like the whirling dervishes
losing myself was all I wanted
in the ever spinning vortex of your ink
I just knew those words
were meant for me
and that
I was born for you.

Staring at a flicker flame
dance around from a candle bright;
showing me what I must do
I must release these tormenting emotions
To do so would be suicide of the heart
breaking no doubt on how deep I've fallen,
but I can't live another day without the truth
Wish to enter your world
and grip you like you've gripped me
Typing out my very soul
like little birds flying off to send a message
one of encryption
With each word I write, I play coy,
saying no names but knowing who they'd reach
It's you I want my ink to touch
as if you bear naked
and my pen was writing on your flesh
Leaving no wonders
showing no doubt
my love
Baby, Your words touch me
in the most intimate places
feeling... kissing ... healing.
In between your words
I have found my territory
Those spaces are my cosmos
where I wander weaving dreams
of you and me
spending eternity amongst
the stars and the moon
Your words of passion
leave me gasping for breath
each pause   the beautiful silence
that holds the time still
freezing infinity into a portal  
to Singularity
when you and I were
fused in love
Let me, just let me fall
in the depth of your words
till I cease to exist

I close my eyes
imagining me in your room
doing those acts I inked for you
To vision your skin so silky soft
sends me to another world,
a world where you and I make love
No such thing as time or chores
nor commitment
Just us as we were meant to be,
a tsunami of passion raging on each other
I'm drowning in the thought
Etched your name tattooed on my heart;
those playful mannerisms so captivating
got me giddy like a kid again
Oh how glorious it would be
to have you say
what I want you to say
I want to show you for real
touch you deeper
than any words could
It's your words that all I have
and ever will...
Clutching your words in my hands
I walk this journey of life
with a stranger whom barely I know
He may possess my body
but my heart is for you to own
Your love that blossomed as words
found its roots into my soul.
I'll keep the petals treasured
between the torn pages
of my life
as a token of the unfinished chapters
letting their fragrance intoxicate me
...carrying me through this life
I'll meet you again in another realm
after I shed my earthly cloak
and I'll recognise your love
with the smell of your words
and that nostalgic familiarity of strokes
breathing in your touch

It's been weeks now
without a peep from you
Looking at a screen knowing the reality,
our connection could never be
Sometimes right isn't always right,
still I hope to meet you in another life
where you and I live out that fantasy
At least we have it in poetry
a glimpse of what could have been
My muse, I hear you
so I let go
Written by InDreamz
Author's Note
My second collab with the talented and dynamic poet DevilsChild. It's been really great working with him again. Thank you so much, dear friend for being so patient and understanding.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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