turn it off and open your eyes you stupid fuck

first you praised the light                
then you questioned life             
dared to dream your father dead             
and fragile mother blind                
warlords gave you purpose to heal and destroy                
fail morality to split the atom                
smash essence to stardust                
and rewrite genetic code to plague the world       
foundations tremble and spines break                
you observe                
scholars and masterminds speak in tongues                
so no one can fathom the truth is lost                
still you boldly aim for planets and stars                
first the moon and next year mars                
and so the experiments never cease                
as the juggernaut rampages on                
particles accelerate and collide                
smaller and smaller                
particles accelerate and collide                
deeper and deeper                
particles accelerate and collide                
louder and louder                
talking heads bleat                
till ears bleed ruptured minds                
you are naught                
if you have no sense of reality                
and naught if reality makes no sense                
dead artists and scientists line walls                
castrated whorish blimps                
philosophical mumbling old fools                
vaporised in a wonderless world                
spangled with techno toys and rocket ships                
cocked and ready                
to launch intelligent life into the great black void                
ungodly civilisations built robots to be human                
and rewired humans to be puppets                
incapable to think for yourself                
you only search to know                
that you are an alien                
a visitor from another time                
from a parallel universe                
you are a missionary                
on an endless quest to redirect                
the carnage of the human race                
Written by case28 (Alexander Case)
Published | Edited 7th Aug 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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