Said and Done

Be afraid,
Be more subtle,
Be profound,
Hide in plain sight,
Dont speak out,
Conceal your voice,
Worry about your own life,
For that is the only way to be at peace.


How can I be at peace when all I hear are ravenous wolves howling,
Drooling and Growling,
When all I see are their sharp canines grinding,
Every constitution of national pride fading
When I see vultures,
Scavenging and consuming every ounce of our wealth and freedom,
Hyenas laughing,
While they chew away every flicker of hope we cling to,
Every dream, every smile, every song, every pleasant sigh,
Leaving behind empty shells,
Carcasses and a trail rich of blood and despair,
No one is spared!
Even infants die but infantry lives,
The masses cry
And their tears siltate our once fertile soils.

From the soils I hear whispers,
My right ear filled with fading echoes of fight and freedom songs,
I hear alarums and excursions of  military cadres who negotiate only with guns,
I hear souls whispering a sweet reckoning,
I hear "Tax the poor and feed the rich" no more,
I hear men who played God for 40 years Seeing the guillotine as their only salvation.

But wait,
What is that I hear on my left ear,
Well I hear them plotting,
No one should be spared from the wrath of the rode,
i hear them saying of the masses,
When they spell hunger
Spell drought,
When they shout "we demand"
Remind them who is in command,
Just throw them in blacksites or remand
And  when they plead for their lives
Give them an allegory of "Dark forces" plotting and fighting against us,
Cry wolf with the masses
And when they lose their guard,
Take off your masks and sheep skin
Aim for the jugular and go for the kill,
For their lives are worthless".

So amid all these conflicting whispers,
I cover both my ears and sought after my own heart and it told me;

After all is said and done, one truth shall remain

We the people of Zimbabwe,United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality, and our heroic resistance to colonialism, racism and all forms of domination and oppression,

Are saying
Enough is Enough!
Zimbabwean lives Matter!

And from these ashes we will rise.
Written by Soxy (SoxThePoet)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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