Met the devil

I met the devil, on my way to work
She ran up on me, on her face was a
See, I been wandering on my way, trying to get everything,
That I can day to day, tryin to lead myself in the bestest of ways,
But as I was walking,
The devil spied me,
Looked me in the eye,
Said she'd try me, walking up fast
My paced quickened
Still looking for the devil
Walking quickly, but I ain't no chicken
Now this muthafukka thought she could get me now,
Cause I walk the streets just me, city style
But every time I turn my head,
the devil was there her face was red,
As if she was angry, as if she was mean,
She had a blade, the tip was clean,
But the rest stood red, all bloody and rusted,
And it seemed like that devil had a tool that she trusted,
So the devil steps closer,
And my hair starts to raised,
And I'm trying to run but I'm stuck in a daze,
It's only been seconds, but it feels like it's days
And the look insides the devil's eyes was turning crazed,
And the devil poked me once, and then twice and started stabbing,
The devil bit my ear and spit it out on the gravel,
And the devil took my throat, and she all but split it,
Along with the bones and all the nerves within it,
I lit up a blunt, and I asked her to stop,
But the devil just laughed,
As I bled out a lot,
So she poked out my eyes, only one so I could see,
All of the foul disembowelment, that had happened to me,
The waste of my blood,
Cuts to my abdomen,
Clutching my tummy
Spilling my guts,
Taking all of them from me,
I mean, See I did what I can to save this dumb jerk,
He crept and he coward,
On his way to work,
He crept and he coward,
Send him back to the dirt,
There was a smirk on my face,
That drove angels berserk
Then I was the was the devil
On my way to work

Written by beanbandit (David Gonzales)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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