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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Florence, Italy
Speak my child relieve your confessions  
For the wickedness of your nightly obsession  
Your feverish transgression  
Did I hear him panting in indiscretion?  
I took a deep breath  
Opened my legs, and allowed my two fingers to self-please me at best  
Horny and now wet  
Have you atoned for your past  
Yes, after last night once I received a hefty wad of cash  
Sex wearing a ball gag as I gave up the silken pleasure of my cunt then my tight ass  
I heard him clear his throat and then a pause  
Needing to release myself, to my tits my palms upward crawled  
Leaning back in the crammed confessional booth  
My pussy needed spanked, soothed  
Taking out my pinkish accomplice  
Rubbing over my pelvis hilt for the blissfulness of this faceless Adonis  
His baritone voice was turning me on  
A man of cloth, his doctrine, I would love to lick while we are alone  
Father, I have given such wanton wishes of my supple skin  
Digging my dildo deeper, panting, I gyrated to the movement as I charged it in  
Lust, passion, ecstasy, rapture, the sweet decadence of my sins  
Are you there my child  
My judgment for you, my ears are blind  
Your voice sounds like the smooth purring of sweet wine  
If I was a man you would seduce, what would be found under the covers of my time  
Beyond the realm of time to ever measure  
I have laid with wealthy hard dicks  
Mm…affluent chicks with eye candy for clits  
My tongue indulging their tasteful sweeten slits  
While a man bask in my wet glorious butter rum dip  
Caving in to the honeyed gift  
Did you prefer the thrashing of the tongue licks  
The anchoring of a man’s girth as it slips  
Your body theirs to command, demand, and reprimand  
If the price is right, then the sheets calls me at night  
Spilling of seeping, passion in my arms, my pussy covets past dawns early light  
Are you that good, I mean does this suit your lifestyle  
Sucking dicks, some more than a while  
And you take this all in stride with a smile  
The coating…the coating of your spit, oiling the tip  
You deep throating me… ah.. I mean deep throating them, their nutt you swallow from the explosive mouth flick  
Are you alright Father  
Oh…yes, it’s fully aroused,’s hot in here  
Please continue my dear  
And what is that noise I hear shaking  
Oh…its…it’s my phone vibrating  
Your voice, the images of you naked I’m contemplating  
Would you like too  
Your body uniting with mine, letting destiny rule  
Mm…can I climax on your mouth like you’re eating my food  
Are you hungry, the dessert is good to taste if you would  
I was speaking in reference to you answering the call  
I was talking about me sucking on your balls  
Breast fucking you and all  
I mean… I mean… as you darting your finger in my pussy, draining my soft rainfall  
You… Oh God… my emotions you have hacked  
Spe…speak and allow me not to hold anything back  
I am at the throne of giving up some form of solution  
The throbbing sensations, bringing forth carnal retribution  
Seduction of a priest, while preaching from his bible, his words does not lack  
Him grunting Hallelujah from my communion oral knack  
I would like that to occur  
Yes, do finish, your words makes my toes curl, my thoughts stir  
Imagining you on your knees, a man’s dick inside your mouth  
Me… I mean him…grabbing your hair, grunting, your tongue serves while my finger goes in and out your wet south  
The thrill seeping to the surface… oh…oh… satisfaction, I’m sure you have, no doubt  
Do they like to feel your pussy covet their dick  
The arousal of you purring before the honey drip  
Treating you like a whore  
Plummeting inside your pussy hole as you beg them to give you more  
Tell... tell… tell me I am here to listen  
My dick… I mean do you have their manhood glistening  
Dear Lord, I’m sorry please continue to purge  
I understand where the desires of passion can lead when bodies merge  
I once walked on the wide side  
Nutting inside a sexy woman, her body, where lust did reside  
Pleasure of the flesh in her for a dick ride  
I have…oh…oh… Father I’m cumming  
My dildo deep inside my cunt, drumming  
I think you need hands land upon you  
Hurry… this juicy flow for you is long overdue  
The priest on his knees  
Placing my legs over his shoulders, licking the cresting cream of my sweeten tease  
Oh… his mouth did not relish until the core of my soul, he cleansed  
Then a kiss to my tits as my confession commenced    
I think you need more sessions to rid your skin of such  
Looking at his extended dick, I agree, and the next time, I refuse to rush  
Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I somehow deleted this in error when moving some of my poems to my website, enjoy

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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