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I will miss serving you
masters of mine
I will miss subjecting myself through physical mental emotional and spiritual degradation
just to be the one to say
I was responsible for improving the quality of your life, for your pleasure
yes it was I!
Although the soul ties were incredibly hard to break
you will never have the privilege of detaching from me
for my memory and the climaxes I inspired in you will haunt your spine and left ear and curled toes and clenched teeth and balled fist and tightly closed eyes
you can open them now
it wasnít a dream
you once had a slave
But you were all too weak, afraid and insecure to come into your own omnipotence
you were too busy trying fix what was not broken
and too caught up in your lie to see my truth
that it is my identity
Now Iím with you infinitely
you ache
all of you ache
I was the first and last in your world
you will grieve for eternity upon my absence
you will never cease to hunt me down on google and Facebook and instagram and twitter and Craigslist via email
just to be able to say hello and fail to shower me with gifts that will never have significance as you always have because I devalue them
but service gave me purpose and your were consistent in rejecting it
I am a slave you fool
Slaves donít get gifts
thatís when I realized this service would have never sufficed
In your eyes I will always be a victim in desperate need of saving and long overdue pampering
despite my conscience choice
despite consensus
and that thought alone made me hate my masters
even with open womb
I hoped their last nut
would be inside of me
so that I could capture their empty souls
and give their legacy meaning
Here lies _______ He once was the Master of_______
How powerful of a statement would that be going into the afterlife
And yes I have permanently impaired your dicks medulla oblongata
but whereís the accountability of allowing you to keep it?
Perhaps next time youíll know better than to hide from your true self
from your true nature
this way ignorance is no longer a justification
now you know how glorious you couldíve been
but your saga will always be incomplete
you will go on searching and searching for complete compliance and voluntary obedience and willful surrenderance
because nothing has never submitted to you in totality until you met me and no one will ever again
Forgive me

Written by MotDi (Sylvia Nicole Perry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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