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Image for the poem  A Sordid Tale;Trials, tribulations, lies, laughs and epic fails

A Sordid Tale;Trials, tribulations, lies, laughs and epic fails

This idea occurred to me and I'm hoping that I don't get flagged for an inappropriate post, being naughty, or breaking any rules that I am unaware of. ( I feel like I may be walking a thin line) However, I know that this is absolutely something that I would enjoy reading, so I hold my breath and explain quickly before I lose my nerve.

**The following are just a few samples of how a woman like myself falls so deeply online with a potential Dom. How I see it. l'm leaving out all other information about us, letting you draw your own conclusions.**

🌹🌠 🌹 🌠🌹 🌠🌹 🌠🌹🌠 🌹 🌠🌹🌠 🌹🌠

Potential Dom:
"Elaborate on the fact that you would be flogged not with tools but with my own hands.
You would be bent over one hand in your mouth choking you the other spanking that ass...til both your mouth dripping of spit and you dripping of wetness.
That high on your lovely legs would be man sized hand prints of where you were grabbed slapped. That there were finger marks around your neck from where you were grabbed and made to hold still on your knees
Or that your nipples would be so inflated from being slapped bitten and tugged ?"

"You only think you know what you need Susan . If you ever meet me..I can guarantee it will all change"

"It's true though
I will completely change your life in more ways than you can imagine
Because I'm actually real and so are you
So it will all change
If of course you could Deal with it actually being real
Not just thoughts or message but reality
Looking in the mirror and seeing the marks then seeing me appearing behind you
Those kinds of things."

" Well I suppose I do but I don't see it as dirty.
I mean I'll grab your hair or throat and tell you to beg me to see if I will allow you to cum.
If I do . I'll will tell you to cum for me not for you . You cum for me.becuase your mine and that means my cum slut and when I want it I fucking get it"

"I see your own boss . Very good.
Yes breathe
Breathe deep
Then think about breathing more and I wrap my
hand on your throat .
I'm not sure you would call me Sir but we could agree on names I'm sure."

"I have two hands
A fist full of your hair and another hand for your ass and I'll make you stare in the mirror as I take you look me in the eyes and you will thank me . Tell me you want more and you will cum hard on me at my command. You will know who owns you will always know where you stand and you will be treated how you are deserved.

That's the benefits
At least some"

"Yep got it . My phone is not playing ball with sending one back ..
Never heard came like a banshee
However I want to in my ear. . repeatedly"

"I'm charging my phone as it's dead after talking with some hot chick who cums like a banshee named Susan
If delay that's why.

But I think we both know I'm worth the wait."

"It's a good thought thinking that you came like a banshee and I had something to do with it .."

"Of course i turned the conversation around .
If I can't mind fuck you and leave you wanting more then it's pointless
Comes with that connection .
I mean. Getting to know you is connection based.
But who I am telling you know .

You are smitten indeed banshee."

" Smile all you want you come across as one of those fuckers who smiles with their eyes also id imagine.
Any and all emotions must be seen in the eyes, i think, thats rather attractive at least to me, to see the pain and the pleasure etc both in body but also in eyes.
Re-affirms the connection"

"I mean being male.i could of state how I stared at your arse and imagine my hand prints on it. .
Also just so we are clear I speak to one person at a time . Not like answer one message I mean one person at one time.
But it's fine there is never a queue."

" Yes I stare at your pictures. That's what they are for right.
I imagined my hand prints on your ass and the look of discomfort on your eyes as you sit down Susan"

"All over your body if I had my way..
Collars are one thing for sure.
But my physical dominance and that represents on your body in marks from my hands"

"Exactly !
I like learning taking the hard road never the easy out .
Does it hurt of course it does but it makes stronger .
These people want all fluffy unicorns and rich mansions with no problems
How fucking boring,"

*Face illuminated by the glow of my cell phone, frantically writing my pain away...
Written by Bluevelvete
Author's Note
Life imitating art?
At least I'll always have poetry.
*No names (accept mine) included
*These are my conversations.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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